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Darren Owen (Creator/Writer of Living PF)

My Name is Darren Owen, and I am the creator and writer of Living PF. Welcome to my blog/website.

What Is Living PF

“PF” in Living PF is an acronym which stands for Phenomenally Flavoursome . The inspiration behind the term is that as individuals we are phenomenal beings, but it is one’s choice to accept it. As people we also have multiple layers or parts to our individuality such as; our ideas, personalities and perceptions. Those different parts are our flavours (just as a similar aspect in your favourite food), and embracing that makes us flavoursome within ourself.

All content which will centred around self development and personal growth, encourages Living Phenomenally Flavoursome (PF). So if you’re following this platform you are embracing your true self and growing phenomenally with me through each post. I hope that this platform inspires you to embrace and also accept that you too are Phenomenally Flavoursome.

The Vision

As you grow in your journey within your unique path, you become phenomenal as you advance. As you become phenomenal in your growth, you possess many great and more attributes (flavours), which makes you flavoursome.

Why Living PF?

I created this platform purposefully to provide valuable content to individuals in written, photo and video format. All content are based on personal growth and self development. I will share this style of content based on my own personal experiences, lifestyle as well as ideas and knowledge. I also enjoy travelling and have other interests which I hope to showcase. Through my transparency, I hope to create a community of people where we can all learn, grow and advance in any way possible.

I am in no way writing as one that is an expert in life. I’m simply just sharing my story and experiences as I grow as well as things I have learned. Writing is a passion of mine and through this platform I also hope to document my journey of becoming…………

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