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Today’s blog post is a bit of a short one. So, I will try to keep this brief. What does the word represent mean to you? And when you think of representing, who or what areas of life do you think of? I write this because I’ve noticed a society that has become more individualistic and promotes “Stop caring what others think”, or to put it crudely; IDGAF energy. I understand why many encourage this and try to live by it. Some wear it and own it like a badge of honour. But in doing that, who or what do we represent? We must be mindful of our actions and how we first represent ourselves in our communities. Some will probably read this and think it doesn’t matter, which is fair enough. I, too, have been a patron of I don’t care energy. It can do an ounce of good, but I don’t find it represents positivity in some contexts. Maybe for yourself, it might make you feel good. You may feel proud, or that considerable weight is lifted off your shoulders by letting go of the opinions of others. I believe it can be good to stop caring about others and their ideas. But in some contexts, what others think of us is very important.

When you are born, you are given your first name, which I believe is your identity, but then you have a last name. That last name means you belong to a family, a community, a tribe/clan of people. How are you representing that last name? How are you representing your parents or your elders, a sibling etc? Or do you not care that some of your actions can affect them? As far as you have a last name, that is something you share and is not solely for you; it’s for many people. Some that have come before you and some that will come after you. Sometimes, a bad reputation can do a great disservice to a family or community. One person may cause that, but don’t let it be you. What about our jobs or our friends? We must never forget to represent. I’m not suggesting being perfect about it, because I have made mistakes and not represented people as best as I should have. As far as we have a conscious mind, let’s mind our representation.

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