It’s About Time

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Time is a fascinating concept which seems to serve as a reason to do many different things. Time as we know it waits for nobody, as they say, but time can also work in your favour depending on how you manage it. Over time, I have grown to realise that as much as we always want control of our time, it cannot always work out as such. Time sometimes will do what it does, which often goes against our plans and desires. Time only seems to move forward. You can never get time back to make up for the past. In today’s blog, I want to briefly talk about how we can see and view time more positively and as something that we lose that almost cripples us;

The “perfect” or “right” time does not exist

What is truly perfect? Nothing is. With that in mind, life has taught me that all we have is time. Waiting for the right or ideal time to do something, whether to pursue your dreams, study that course or move to that city, may never come. It almost serves as a justification to sit in fear and be fearful. All you have is the time at present, later or tomorrow, in hindsight, does not exist as it is not promised to us. We can only hope for it. So whatever It is that you’ve been thinking about doing with your life, the time is now. It may not be a perfect time, but what else do you have? However, I believe spiritually; that there is a time for everything, a time for fun and excitement and a time to focus. Are those times the perfect time? Not exactly; it is just that time and season for it at that moment.

“I don’t have time for…..”

If you hear anybody say this or if you have ever said this to yourself, the chances are that thing or person you don’t have time for is not a priority to you. Or, to put it bluntly, it’s not essential to you. Mind how you speak into the universe what you don’t have time for, especially where it concerns loved ones. We have time; that’s all we have to make anything happen. But it is up to us as individuals to make time for those important to us, no matter how little that time is. It makes a big difference. You are also happy to make that time no matter how busy we get. Never get caught up in being ‘busy’ so much that you “don’t have time” for those that matter and are essential things in life.

You’re not a Robot….let go

No matter how much we plan, we do not always get time to do what we want, the way we want to. This year I’ve found myself becoming so obsessive with planning and structuring my time to a point where it almost became robotic. Although I initially enjoyed it, such a structure and routine of living can become mundane. It can get boring. I also would get frustrated when I would naturally get too exhausted to do specific tasks, or life itself will get in the way. In such moments I’d feel that I’m being set back. But I realised that I ought to let go and make room for spontaneity.

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