Pause If You Like…

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Sometimes life has to stop, and a moment has to pause. Over the last week or so, I felt like life forced me into a pause moment. I didn’t even upload a blog post during that time. I was sick and ill with a heavy cold and a sore throat. Funny enough, before that, I had not been ill or felt sicknesses for the last 6months as far as I remember. But I will admit I had felt overwhelmed with life concerning work and personal endeavours for the last month or so before I got ill. But I was not doing anything but just keeping on and applying that pressure within myself. I know I should have taken a break. Was I burnt out? I do not know; even during that time, it was hard to make sense of my emotions or my state of mind. It’s almost like my routine made me robotic that I was practically numb to myself.

During the week I was sick, I was forced to pause life. I almost feel like God needed me to rest even though the universe, in a way, would not let me, even though I wouldn’t let myself rest. During my time off from work and blogging or anything important I would generally prioritise, I’d have no choice but to just rest, sleep, and be content with the peace of mind with the hope I’ll be recovered and back to whatever the world needs of me. I even took a break from my usual fitness routine, which has done my body some good.

I write all this to say that, sometimes in life, we will be forced into slow moments and moments where we have to take it easy and do nothing but rest and remain calm. No matter what nonsense hustle culture promotes, we don’t always have to be on the go. I, too, have fallen for that trap. During a time of rest, it allows us to centre ourselves emotionally and mentally. I felt that following my recovery stage; I could almost think clearer and know which directions to take next in my life and what to do to be better. Rest is good for the mind, soul, and body. Always remember that.

Sincerely Yours


5 thoughts on “Pause If You Like…

  1. Rest is definitely necessary….and reminds me the Bible verse “be still and know that I Am God”

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    1. Very necessary and at times makes room for a clearer mind. Such a verse is key to remember in times of adversity. A great reminder 🙏🏿☺️


  2. I took a break of 5 months in blogging and I needed a break. I only came back when I was ready. So definitely you are right Owen we can Pause and concentrate on the things which needed our attention or just Pause if you like to do so 🙂

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    1. Sometimes such a break is needed at least you can come back to blogging rejuvenated. It’s good you took care of your well-being in such a way Manisha. Thanks for your comment and support ☺️

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      1. You are always welcome Owen. Ya it was really a much needed break.

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