6 Things You Should Never Compromise

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Compromise is a word that is often used by many in different contexts. Sometimes to compromise means nobody gets what they want not even a little bit. Or that one person benefits more than the other. I personally dislike the word compromise because in my few experiences where it has applied, it seems like dumbing down a part of oneself. However, there are various scenarios and context where compromising is not a big deal such as two friends agreeing on what to do for a weekend or what restaurant to go. Sometimes there’s a beauty in meeting someone in the middle. There are also things that one should never compromise on, no matter the context, person, or situation. Today’s blog will cover 6 things that you should never compromise.

1 – Your Integrity

Integrity is defined as one’s moral principles but not just having principles but standing strong and firm in them. We all have some level of integrity embedded in us whether we know it or not. It takes certain situations to expose them. Reason you should never compromise on your integrity is because it is a foundation of who you are. If you allow anybody to ever make you compromise on your strongest principles, then what else do you stand for? What else do you represent? What anchors you and keeps you grounded and firm in the midst of chaos? There are many situations where integrity can be compromised. For example, wanting a career opportunity or success but wrongfully hurting somebody else just for your own gain, when you know such is not what you stand for. Or taking part in illegal activity to make money. Remember who you are and what you represent.

2- Your Spiritual/Religious Beliefs

A fairly sensitive one but must be said. Your beliefs are part of who you are, whatever God or community/people you serve is one’s own choice. This somewhat fits into integrity because this goes deeper than just natural beliefs and instinct as it focuses on something deeper that lies beneath the surface. This is because to one who believes, the consequence of compromising on this could cause long-lasting and damaging effects, that one may naturally struggle to come back from. As a Christian man, though I may fail and make mistakes there are certain foundations of faith that I could never compromise on, because I believe spiritually it’ll damage me and possibly those that are also close to me. We all have our beliefs that keep us going and is our place of safety and security beyond man-made structure, why compromise that?

3 – Your Goals, Dreams, Plans

In certain relationships this is something that can be hard to not compromise on whether platonic of romantic. However, you have to always remember your goals. They come first. Your goals, and dreams are worth living and experiencing and you should never compromise that for anybody or anything. There is a reason why you have that goal. Maybe it’s to make a little bit more money to better your situation. Maybe you want to get healthier by eating better and excising to potentially prolong long-life and strength. Never ever let anybody come into your space and environment and convince you to somehow compromise on your goals. If that friend is always suggesting or luring you to eat unhealthily when they know you want to do or be better, maybe its time for you to distance yourself from them so you can focus. Or perhaps you’re in a relationship where the person has you choosing between them or your goals. Choose your goals. Easier said than done, but I believe if anyone were really for you, they would want you to win or do better in life rather than see it as a battle they have to win with you. Such a person would even help you to get to that goal.

4 – Your Self-Respect

Your self-respect often grows with self-love. Personally, that’s something I’ve grown to realise. You should always have some self-respect. This is what you’re worth. How do you value yourself? Based on that, how do you allow others to treat or value you? As I get older this is something that becomes more important to me as something I would never compromise on for anybody. If you are not being treated by certain people in your life the way you believe you deserve, you ought to do something about it. You are not being delusional by seeing yourself of high value. The only time asserting this can be tricky is if you demonstrate a lack of respect for others. In my opinion you have no ground to stand on if that’s you. However, if you’re the type that values others as well as yourself, then please don’t tolerate ill-treatment from anybody. Asserting this doesn’t have to be physical or violent it could be a verbal conversation or by demonstrating in your actions how much you value yourself.

5 – Big Decisions For Your Life

The moment you have been waiting for when an opportunity comes along that you’ve longed for, and you say no because of a person that doesn’t own or know your soul? Honestly, I can’t tell the number of stories I hear of people compromising on big life decisions then regretting it later. The reason they regret it is because they allowed themselves to succumb to the pressure or the interruptions that others brought into their lives. Whether it be family, friends, work, or a boyfriend/girlfriend. Your wife/husband doesn’t count because you’re both one so work as such. But when you’re your own person, you can’t let people get in the way of making and grabbing life’s opportunities. When in your regrets all you have is you and your thoughts. That person is most likely still just happy and thriving off your energy not caring about what you have sacrificed.

6 – Your Friends & Family

Nothing and nobody should come between you and your family and friends. Especially not money or greed. These two factors can ruin many relationships to a point where it is almost beyond repair. Your family as far as they aren’t toxic, will always be there for you when the whole world turns it’s back. When you don’t get that promotion you wanted, when you have next to nothing to your name. A true friend will always be there to lift you up. Never go against your family or true friends. Never think the world will offer you anything better at their detriment.

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  1. I love this! Well done Owen .

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    1. Whoever you are, thank you for your comment


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