Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama

The beautiful thing about autobiographies and memoirs are the fact that it allows a reader to learn more about the writer and tap into their world, journey, and perspective through various points in time. This book was purchased as someone who is just primarily interested and finds inspiration by learning about others and one’s own environment through their life story. Their beliefs, values, culture, family and how their past and upbringing and things experienced has shaped their growth. Also how that has been a contributing fuel and factor to their current state of success, stardom, and greatness.

We all know who Michelle Obama is, and if you don’t then you must live under a rock or in a world with little to no access of television or internet.

Within this book Michelle walks us through stages of her life and adversity in becoming her greatest self and also dealing with a lot of oppression and being exposed to various things such as segregation and the demise of black people or African Americans in Chicago.

In the first half of the book she talks about becoming herself where she walks the reader through her life detailing moments with family and the impact that various relatives aside from her own parents had on the way she looked at life and even herself. This also includes her friends and teachers from school. In the 2nd part of the book she touches on her journey to becoming and being ‘The Obamas’. This is where in becoming Michelle her journey transitioned into it not just being for and about her but about a union and a family.

Overall the book is very well detailed and I could feel the pain in moments Michelle disclosed in the book about the declining health of her father, the death of her close friend passing so young. As well as going through moments of unhappiness and feeling somewhat lost in life and trying to figure a path that is for her. I feel anybody can connect to such that she details.

I will admit it is not the easiest read, however especially in the first bit it made me want to continue reading. I also found it interesting when she detailed how her parents raised her and her brother and how although she was not always confident outwardly, she still believed in herself. Through her parents in allowing her to be somewhat of a free-thinker, it led to her self-belief that she can do all she set her mind to when it came to getting into Princeton University. I found the 2nd part to be interesting although it was a bit too heavy for me regarding all the politics talk and government and such. Without giving too much away I’ll highlight few lessons to take from the book;

  • Surround yourself with likeminded people
  • Ignore the naysayers and doubters and use how you feel as fuel to become successful. When you have achieved success (little or big), pay those that doubted no attention
  • Stay true to your beliefs, morals and principles
  • It is okay to want to make your parents or family proud and represent them but you can only ever be yourself. Don’t live for them
  • Adversity and struggles come in various forms
  • The only thing promised in life is death
  • You do not need permission to live your life
  • Go beyond your familiar horizons, experience other things
  • Keep an open mind and open perspective
  • Always remember your foundations for they will keep and protect you

Thanks For Reading

Sincerely Yours


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