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It’s crazy how seasons in terms of weather shift the mood and condition and the tension within an environment. So much so that it affects people and their perceptions of life. When it’s autumn/fall, the leaves fall from trees, and our environments look different with the kinds of colour that sprouts; winter forces one to be more bundled up and a bit sheltered to keep warm. Spring brings more colour and bloom, and in summer, it’s time to shine. I often find that people in the UK seem happier and more cheerful during the summer than in other seasons. Plans are different, and also priorities shift.

Those are no different to us as human beings. We, too, have our seasons. I would call it seasons for development. Some of us are probably currently in a lonely season, a time and period of life where you have your head down. You’re intensely focused on yourself and your goals and priorities to the point that nobody is around or contributing to the part. Because of this, you’ve probably distanced yourself from friends, maybe family. Good times aren’t a priority, and you’re focused. Productive as it could be, it is lonely because all you have is yourself and your hopes, dreams, goals, and the finish line in mind that you hope to accomplish by God’s graces.

In March, I had what I call a celebration season. A season to be joyful for my 27th Birthday, my graduation ceremony and how I would celebrate those moments with friends and my family. I was truly immersed in the moment and felt joy in my spirit. Although temporary, like the seasons of the weather, such a season can happen for everybody at any time, multiple times. Unlike weather that we don’t control. We get to choose the seasons that we go through in our lives. We get to decide and discern what kind of season we are in, or feel is coming up.

I remember talking to my mum a couple of months back, and we were discussing travelling. Something she knows I love and once embarked on doing but seemed to have not done since 2020 (partially due to the pandemic). But we were talking about going to the motherland, Ghana. That’s where my family is from. She asked if I had plans of going this year or travelling again, and I told her, “Naah, I just don’t think it’s my season to travel or prioritise it” that’s pretty much how the conversation ended. She understood what I meant. I say all that to emphasise how within ourselves, we all have our moments or seasons that will come our way, a lonely season, a grieving season, a season of pure joy and happiness. A season of abundance where you are getting all you deserve for the other more challenging seasons you endured prior. You can feel the spirit of God saying, “This is all yours”, and you dive in.

I remember before studying for my master’s degree, I sensed that I was entering a testing season. I was in a relationship, and I remember saying to her, “testing times are coming; I can feel it”. She didn’t entirely understand what I meant from what I could see from her reactions and the few times I mentioned it to her. That’s because it was a testing season for ME. It would be a time where everything I ever said I wanted or once viewed as essential, or priority would be tested. I could feel God saying, “you want to do this master’s and graduate like you put on your vision board? We’re going to see about that”, testing me. A time where my willpower will be tested, my discipline, commitment, hope, faith, all that kind of stuff. 2020-2021 was a season of tests. I was being moulded, slapped, and drained emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually to see if I would endure that season and reap a better season. That was before my celebration season (although a brief one). I write this also to show that sometimes the seasons of our life, though we control and can sense and see it coming, we won’t always know what it is. In my season of tests, I had no insight into the details of what that would look like. However, with celebration, I did.

Much like the weather, the beautiful thing about seasons is that we won’t love them all, we’ll like some more than the others, but you often have to endure the ones you don’t want, in my case, winter before the ones you love, like summer in my case. So, my fellow readers, writers and phenomenal beings, there is one thing I want to leave with you if you have read up till this point. Whatever season or moment you’re in, endure it. Whether sent by God or just unfortunately precise, try to embrace it and immerse yourself in it. In those down moments, the hardship, and the lack of, that’s where natural development and strength come in. Growth feeds into your spirit as pain fuels you to keep doing it day after day. Seasons in our life are for us, for our betterment, knowledge, heart, soul, and well-being. Sunny days wouldn’t feel special without rain, and your moments of joy wouldn’t be so great if it weren’t for the times, you cried or felt pain. Whatever season you’re in right now? It is yours; the end of it is up to you. Find your faith in yourself or God or whatever greater force you reverence and hold on. This is your season.

Sincerely Yours


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