Standards Can Be….(Part 2)

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In sequence with last week’s post, I will talk about you and me today and how standards should and can be formed. The previous blog post covered standards generically and how they are everywhere around us and, in some cases, dictate how we live our lives or place ourselves in society. Today’s version is different and focuses on the essential aspect of standards, people.

We should all set standards for ourselves, and they shape how we carry ourselves and how we are treated or would like to be treated. Have you ever been in a situation where you neglected your standards? How did it make you feel? Your standards are the closest thing to you after your integrity. So, if you don’t have standards, you should set them.

I was inspired to look introspectively at the standards that I set for myself personally or even with other people. Whether we like it or not, standard matters. It shouldn’t matter who it offends with the standards you set; they are what protect you. I have realised it is the fewest form of demonstration of self-love. If you have standards, there are certain things you won’t accept or tolerate, whether this be from other people towards you or how you even treat yourself. Whether we like it or not, everyone has a standard. Some have high standards, and some have low standards, and this is for various reasons subjective to the individual of concern.

Some of us have standards for quality of living, including the kind of foods we eat, the place we live, the type of clothes we wear, places we don’t go, and even the people we associate ourselves with. I applaud a person who has a standard, but what I don’t always understand is those that force their standard on others. I have been guilty of such also. Do it out of love, positivity, and encouragement if you find yourself doing this. Not in a way that offends. Also, if a person does not match your standards for yourself, a friend, or a potential partner, that person is probably not for you. You are also likely to have to do a lot of compromising. Never, ever compromise your standards for a single soul. It will cost you eventually.

We live in a society where standards, in some ways, are almost being butchered. When things don’t meet your standards, the world teaches that you have to lower them or settle. Some of us have some unrealistic standards, so we need to be corrected in such cases, but in some cases, I don’t believe it should be encouraged because it teaches one to dumb down on who they are and how they see themselves. Having standards for yourself has various benefits, such as;

–         It boosts self-confidence

–         Gives you self-control

–         You create better relationships

–         Greater fulfilment in your life

–         You are more likely to challenge yourself to be greater

–         You command respect from others

–         You have a greater sense of self-respect

–         Enables You to achieve more significant goals and conditioning towards success

So, with the above information, you can then examine yourself and see if you need to raise your standards or instead hone the ones you have now and not neglect them. You may have read this and said, “I don’t have any standards” maybe they are low standards. Think of the company you keep, the way you look and present yourself, the kind of job you do, the places you can go or have access to. Are you happy with them? Do any of those aspects you’re currently having in your life fulfil you? If not, then your standards are probably low. Are you seeing a better life more extraordinary than what you have now? Maybe you want to get in better shape or have better relationships—time to raise that standard. And don’t just increase your standards but be one with your standards. Treat others how you want to be treated and how you treat yourself.

Sincerely Yours


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