Standards Can Be….(Part 1)

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In today’s blog post, I want to use this as an opportunity to share and remind you all about standards. Let’s talk about standards and why they are necessary for us to have in various areas of our lives. So, the first question that may come to mind is, what is a standard? Or what are standards? Standard is a level of measuring quality or attainment and is used to measure regular or average. Now that you understand what standards are, you’re probably thinking, what is the point of this? Read on, and let’s find out.

In the world that we live in, standards are everywhere, and we cannot run away from them no matter how hard we try. From beauty standards to education, mating/dating, and financial benchmarks seem to follow and somewhat dictate how we lead our lives and, in some cases, where we fall in society. I remember applying to universities after I finished college (high school if you’re American or other international) and being taken aback by some of these institutions’ standards for students who aspired to attend. One primary measure of this was through grades and other experiences.

With such information, I could then measure my own grades attained or potential to meet such standards. In other words, this is how some of these institutions show and demonstrate their level amongst other universities and higher education schools. They show where they rank and their standard they desire to maintain or aspire to have.

I have grown to respect using such an example because universities would rarely compromise their grading standards for potential students who cannot measure up. Unless certain conditions can compensate in rare cases like character, those cases are the exception and not the rule. This same example can be replicated when applying for a job or putting yourself forward for any opportunity. Sometimes you might not meet the standard. And as harsh as it can be, it may not always just be about what you have as far as qualifications and experience.

Still, sometimes your character traits may not always measure up to standards set in specific environments around you. So does this mean we conform to the standards of others and the world? That is probably what you are asking. The simple answer to that is yes but no. It depends on you as an individual, where you want to be, and how you want to be seen. It also needs to be considered how far you want to go in life and whether you want to be better or be different.

One thing about standards around us is that we can either hate or love them, but we cannot run from them, and they are not all to be seen as a bad thing. I laugh to myself when I hear people moan and fuss about their frustrations regarding specific standards set in this world, especially when it comes to beauty, appearance, and presentation. Like it or lump it, sometimes these standards make a part of society better and challenge us in ways that can be positive. Some of us may not always meet the criteria in specific environments or places we want to go.

Does that mean we should bitch and moan about it? That would be the lazy approach because those standards aren’t going anywhere, and though they may change or evolve, there are always going to be boxes to tick or not. Even when buying things, you may not meet the set price standard financially, so you can’t afford them. That may drive you to work harder or not and stay within a bar that you can fit in.

I’m not suggesting you break your back and get into a frenzy about the standards you don’t measure up to. We all measure up to some, and there will always be others that we don’t measure up to. Take blogging or writing, for example. I may not be amongst the best writers on this very platform or in the world for that matter, but do I get annoyed and down about it? Absolutely not! The truth is it allows me to think of creative ways I can improve so that I can measure up in the future. That is what, in some cases, some standards should do to us. They should make us want to be better. However, in some cases, I do believe it is not every standard we must tick off, and of course, it is not worth the headache.

In some cases, these standards should also remind you to assess yourself, become more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and be confident in that. Yes, all these standards are set by people first and truthfully, when you look at life, standards have always been set around us from a young age. Remember that amusement park where you didn’t meet the height standard? Remember the movie or event where you didn’t meet the age standard? Or the time you liked that man or woman and didn’t meet the beauty or character standard? What happened after? What did it do for you?

The point of this is to remind us that the standards of this world should not always get us down, nor are they all bad. Some of them are why I’m writing this now. Sometimes standards that have been set for us make us better. What about the standard you set for yourself?

Sincerely Yours


2 thoughts on “Standards Can Be….(Part 1)

  1. Didn’t know I needed this. Thanks!

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    1. Amazing! Thank you I’m glad this did something for you. Appreciate the feedback Lucille ☺️


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