What If?!…..

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In today’s blog, I want to talk about the what-ifs of life that many of us go through. From my experiences and others, I’ve observed that many of us ask ourselves what if when we are in doubt, confused and about to make certain decisions in our lives. Why do we often talk ourselves out of life choices, findings, and risks by playing the doubt game? Usually, it comes from a place of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of potential failure and at times, fear of success and feeling as though we won’t be able to handle it. But what if we worry for nothing?

What If I fail?

Failure is almost inevitable in life, and at times it is part of how we succeed. Have you ever met anybody successful at anything without taking a loss? I’m convinced those born into wealth or other forms of success also face downfalls and adversity. So why should you have an easy ride? Nothing worth having comes easy, although things get more manageable, smoother, and more tolerable when you learn to endure. So, no matter what you want to do in this life? Although you can have some bumps along the way, remember the goal is to get to the final destination. If you want to start that business, go ahead! Don’t dwell too much on the “what if?”. Think of the possibility of being the difference.

What If I’m Not Ready?

I believe that with some of life’s most significant opportunities, we have to prepare for them to take advantage. Often, not being ready doesn’t always come from fear but an awareness that we are unprepared. It’s like how even financially, where there is no capital, you cannot take advantage of investment opportunities. In that context, there was no preparedness, so there is a fear factor of possibly missing out or going into financial turmoil to acquire something. I also feel that it is not everything that you will be ready for; some things we can never expect or see it coming, whether good or bad. We may be in charge of our lives, but we certainly do not control the universe and its happenings. So, although there may be a lack of preparation, opportunities or changes have to be grabbed and taken advantage of. 

What If I’m Not Good Enough?

Sometimes we have to accept that other people around us see great value in us that we cannot even see for ourselves. We often choose to undervalue ourselves and our credibility for certain things. We ought to try and see the good in ourselves and know that we can handle the challenges and opportunities life throws at us. When thinking about this, I think of the book of Exodus from the bible, where God chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt from slavery. The funny thing is when God chose Moses; he also thought he wasn’t good enough. He pointed out all his faults to God about his speech and lack of confidence, but God didn’t care about that. God saw more than that in Moses. God saw a capable man, a brave man who could fulfil a divine assignment. The lesson I take from this story is that when an opportunity or something good is presented before you, don’t be so quick to downplay yourself; whatever you’ve been chosen for most of the time is meant for you. Sometimes you can never run from it. Kind of like Moses, he kept trying to get out of what God was leading him to do. So, believe you are good enough. You’re good enough for that job role, that promotion, that woman or man you’re dating, etc. And even if you’re not, you can and will grow to be in some ways.

Let’s not downplay ourselves and see the endless possibilities and sound values in us all.

Sincerely Yours


7 thoughts on “What If?!…..

  1. I harbour a lot of what-ifs in life, and it took me a while to accept that I’ll never find out the answers to them. Every time I make a choice, I won’t know what would’ve happened had I done the other thing. But no matter what, I always try to make a decision, because not doing anything is the worst of all. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. Hey Stuart, thanks for reading and for your comment. I agree with what you’re saying that’s true. Either way we gave to make a decision and do something to move forward. We may not always make the right decisions but it’s all part of the journey of growth I suppose. You’re welcome glad you liked it!


  2. I needed this blog. I have been having the what if conversation for to long.

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    1. This warms my heart, thank you for that Colleen. I hope within those conversations came more surety, courage and self-trust. I also hope this blog helped you in however few or many ways possible


      1. Trust me it did. Im learning to let go of what if and just trust the moment. Like you said we all fail sometimes. But the most important thing is that I tried.

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      2. Exactly looking forward to the book


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