Ease Off!

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Have you ever felt so drained that you feel like just giving up on whatever process you’re in? What if you did? What is the worst that could happen? Would your life suddenly be in the worst state ever, or would you be okay? Don’t you dare give up or think that’s the idea for this post. But I’m sure it’s thoughts we’ve all had when we’re constantly on the go, to a point where you want to take your foot off the gas and kick back and just……breathe.

One of the ways we drive ourselves crazy is by working and chasing and striving for so long and hard that we forget to take a break. I blame that partially on the rampant hustle culture in our societies. To an extent, I respect it and people that care about that kind of lifestyle, mainly when it stems from a genuine heart and positive place. But what happens when burnout seeps in? Is it suddenly a crime to take a day or two off from the grind? Maybe to some, it is; maybe to some, it’s not. I think our reasons or perceptions of what life is about shape those types of ideas and answers we may have for those questions.

In my own experiences, I believe there are seasons for everything, a time to play hard, work hard and a time where you can do a little bit of both. Currently, I’m in the stage of my life where I’m doing a bit of both. I’m at a stage where I’m learning to withdraw from the things that must be done and relax. I may not always get the best sleep, but I believe in real rest when your mind, heart and soul are at ease. It can be so difficult to rest the mind. It’s standard these days how many of us always have a billion things on our minds, from past, present, and future. I listened to someone recently who said that the past is gone, forget about it, live in the present, and the end will come, although it’s not promised. The point is to embrace the journey we are all on now and not focus on the external part that does not entirely concern us.

I have learnt that it is vital to take a break from life. Sometimes a break involves taking time off work or taking a break from your usual environment, and sometimes it could be a bit of distance from people. Never feel guilty for taking a break from life’s regular activities and duties that strain and drain you. Know when you need a break. Usually, when I feel uninspired, moodier than usual, and sometimes for no reason, I know it is time to change my routine. Sometimes making time for rest is more productive than constantly working yourself to the ground. And we must learn to rest comfortably, knowing that all will be well, and we can come back to the activities when we have had a little bit of rest. The beautiful thing is when you’ve had some rest, your mind is more alert and sharper to perform better. So, don’t get caught up

thinking life is about work all the time; by all means, work hard, but if needed, learn to ease off and enjoy the fruits of your neighbour and enjoy those around you that make it worthwhile.

Sincerely Yours


2 thoughts on “Ease Off!

  1. Fantastic article! I definitely have started to balance working hard and enjoyment. I can’t believe it’s taken me 27 years to get the balance right but I think I’ve finally found it and I’m much more happier than when I was burning myself to the ground.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Boohema! It’s amazing and i love that you’ve gotten to that point! It’s very important to find that balance and flow that works for you ☺️


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