A Little Bit Less

Photo by Lewis Burrows on Pexels.com

Life sometimes has a lot going on that can be overwhelming. If it’s not political wars then it is something economical or financial, environmental, or social to make life feel a bit more excessive and at times draining. Of course, some of these things are beyond our control so we often just have to live with it and just hope and pray for the best. I suppose that’s just what life is for the most part. Sometimes I feel aside from these issues we all put so much on ourselves to get done in life to a point that we burnout and often drain ourselves and exhaust our energy. I’m guilty of doing that and it is something that I’m working on. While I don’t discourage having big goals and big dreams, combined with major priorities, I have grown to accept the fact that sometimes we just need to downsize and embrace a season of little instead of plenty. What if you had a little less on your plate?

What if you had a season where you gave yourself more time for rest instead of stressing about the usual things of life and availing yourself to almost any and everything from always taking on people’s tasks and supporting them with their problems, to taking on more tasks at work just to be nice and play part of the team, just lightening the load. Personally, I don’t think my plate is very full as far as things that need to be done although my endeavours with writing through this very blog, you’re reading this on as well as other personal goals there are moments where it can feel like a lot. There was a moment yesterday that I actually questioned why I was putting so much on myself and whether that was the ultimate cause for why it was hard to even focus or prioritise my wellbeing.

Or even prioritise the right goals. But then I remembered there is a lot in life that I don’t have to do or heavily prioritise. At least not right now. One of the biggest things that has often rocked my boat is the goal of waking up early and by early, I mean 5am, every day. I started the year putting so much pressure on myself. Though I would have a few successes, some days it just wasn’t happening. Time often conflicted with other things, and I would often realise my lack of consistent quality of sleep would lead to me not being effective in my daily performance at work or personal endeavours like consistently writing and reading. So in keeping with this subject, I have ridded that idea and focused more on just waking up latest by 8am and slowly working my way back to the 5am objective.

Sometimes a little less also may mean distancing yourself from certain people and relationships that no longer serve you. How many of you have certain associates, friends or even relatives that you may need to take a break from and give yourself some space and distance? Maybe using that space that frees up time to pour some of that loving energy back into yourself.

You don’t always have to have so much sometimes a little less is all that we need, and sometimes it is just more than enough

Thanks For Reading

Sincerely Yours


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