It’s Okay To Change

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In life, we get to a point where we feel different within ourselves and crave newness in our lives, whether in a new environment or even on the outer surface with our appearance etc. But often, when we opt for change, things get in the way of our thoughts, whether that would be opinions of others or even how these changes we make in our lives will affect the ones close to us, like family. But all in all, I have learnt that though it is okay to think of everyone, it should not rob you from making the changes you want to complete in your life, especially if it is for the greater good. The worst thing would be staying stuck doing the same thing and then regretting it and becoming resentful.

Change can be a good thing, especially when it comes from the right place. Sometimes life forces us to change in ways that we never even imagined. Changes are inevitable, all a part of life. Chances are you’re reading this, and one thing that has changed is how old you are in age and possibly in mentality too. One good thing about change is that it allows for a new beginning, a new blessing, and sometimes better things come from our decisions to change. I feel myself changing all the time. The way I see the world now and how I viewed it a year ago has changed drastically.

Change is one thing that is not easy, it can be uncomfortable, and no matter how much we run from it, it always seems to show up and force us to embrace her. Change is almost inevitable in various moments in our lives. I believe you can almost feel it in your bones when it’s time to make changes in your life. Whether it’d be your habits, lifestyle, environment, how you spend your time and who you spend your time with. In the first part of this blog, I said that it seems that there are forces that stop you in those moments. But in all fairness, are those forces real or just elements of fear holding us back from embracing what is beaming in our hearts? Sometimes when you want different things, you have to make changes in your life.

Have you ever felt that things were a bit mundane, or you were just bored and dissatisfied with life for a long time? Why don’t you start making small changes? It does not always have to be drastic, but even small steps still help make a difference. One person said that sometimes a simple change could be the route you take to work. Something as small as that can impact our mental and emotional wellbeing. The new path could reveal various new things about our surroundings that have never been exposed to us, shaping our outlook on the day and sometimes our moods.

I wrote this to remind you that whatever change you’re thinking of making in your life, so long as it does not cause any harm to you or those that matter, go for it! Go and see, feel and be a better and more refined version of you

Sincerely Yours


4 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Change

  1. People are so scared of change, because it goes outside of the comfort zones we all build around us. Change can be so amazing and can be so fruitful for our lives, and often it’s the thought of change thats scarier than it actually is.

    I’m so glad you’ve written about this, its timed perfectly with so much change happening once again in the world and so many peoples lives.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more Olivia, although change is scary i believe we all ought to embrace it. Very true when we get in our minds and over think we create problems that are nonexistent.

      Thank you, that means a lot. The world is forever changing but yet isn’t it funny most are obsessed with keeping themselves and others the same?


  2. I love this topic. If covid’s taught us nothing at all, I hope we’ve all learnt that the only constant in life is change.
    It’s not always easy, but let’s not give up easily.

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    1. I love this comment. It is very true, change is constant and we have to be encouraged to continue fighting and managing it. Thanks for the wisdom shared


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