You Failed! So What?

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Failure is often looked at as such a negative thing in various communities. Nobody likes to fail because of the humiliation, embarrassment, and negative emotions it brings. Often, we feel discouraged when we fail, almost enough to make us give up. Failure often demotivates us from pursuing our goals that we try to accomplish. Think of the last time you failed something, and how it made you feel, I bet it was not so pleasant. It does not have to be all bad and negative all the time, there are some positives to failures in our times of adversity, and I will share from my experiences below.

Forces You to Do and Be Better

We can never really improve on our failures and better ourselves without setbacks. Failure allows us to see the areas where we may have gone wrong. It almost will enable us to embrace and be our own critic. When you are always succeeding and winning all the time, you get comfortable and complacent and lost in the idea that whatever is you’re doing is the best. This, also enables us to reorganise and better strategise how we can do better for ourselves and ensure that the next time we are waiting on results and go through a process, a different and more positive outcome is the result

It Makes Room For Change

Sometimes when we fail, it could just be a revelation that whatever we are trying to do in the way we go about it needs to change. Failure almost gives us this nudge and guidance that we need to reconsider the path we’re taking. It’s not like giving up, but it’s just an opportunity to slowly scrutinise our why’s the reason behind our pursuits, especially in a time where you may keep trying and not get what you want. Things sometimes don’t go our way which could be down to various reasons. Sometimes, whatever we do or the approach we take needs to change.

Failure Builds Creativity

Failure allows us to tap into our creative side and explore ways to adapt and do things differently to achieve the circumstances we want. Sometimes through failure, it gives the grace and time to reassess and brainstorm ideas that can apply to tasks at hand. The creative process allows us to think critically and examine areas where we need to do more and somewhere less, needs to be done. It will enable various styles of approach to be applied and skills.

Failure Teaches us Lessons

Failure teaches us to examine our most authentic selves. Often things about us are revealed to us through failure. We are taught what our levels of resilience are and the level of stress or pressure that we can handle in trying moments of life. Failure teaches us various things, not just about ourselves but also about other people, primarily where more than one person was held accountable. This also reveals what we can handle and what changes we need to make in our lives. Failing forward is always a blessing.

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