The Things We Consume

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Lately, I have been reflective about how important it is to mind what we consume. The music we listen to and how it makes us feel in mind, body, soul, and spirit, as well as the things we watch, read, and allow into our minds and influence our lives. It is crazy when you think about it. I know some may read and think it’s not that big of a deal to mind what you consume, and the influence is not always that great. However, we cannot ignore that the things we consume, even as far as social media, becoming a massive part of our lives and, to some extent, even our identities. The older I get, and the more I learn about myself, I realise that the things I consume are essential for me, and they have somewhat of an effect, even if it is small. So here is what I have learnt about the things we consume.

You Are What You Eat

‘You are what you eat’ or, in this case, consume, which is a meaning related to food that suggests it is essential to eat good food to become fit and healthier. In this case, let’s put this back to the things you watch or spend time doing. Suppose you’re always on social media doing endless scrolling of photos, videos, memes, and tweets that have little to no value aside from general entertainment. In that case, it is unlikely that you’ll become a better person. You’ll probably get better at creating ways to waste your time and get addicted to stalking accounts that don’t do anything for you. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being entertained or noticing something funny to share with friends or your group chats on WhatsApp. There is nothing wrong with that so long as it’s moderate and you’re still getting things done, because a wise man once said, life happens offline. This is why over the last 6-8months, I have done my best and still work hard to alter what I consume, especially with music and YouTube videos and pages or people I follow on social media. Currently, I do a great job and want to be better in various ways with age and maturity. 

The Things You Do Today Affect Your Tomorrow

Habits have a nature of somewhat catching up with us and impacting our tomorrow. The things we consume do the same thing. I’m not speaking on someone who has mastered productivity in any sort of way. In my experiences and observations, I have seen the differences that a change in what I regularly consume does to other people and me. Even watching reality shows that promote unhealthy and toxic relationships can and have affected many and their perceptions for their future relationships; this is evident especially in women, particularly of a black demographic in western society (but more on that in future content). And also, the consumption of pornography or various sexual content creates false and somewhat unrealistic expectations on sex, love and genuine relationships with people. I too have consumed that same content that was not good for my spirit and my future although the present is different. I have also been an avid consumer of reality tv shows which I find warped a lot of my perspectives on various things and various music that promotes a message that is a bit awkward with my spirit. I don’t watch Netflix as often. I prefer YouTube and have slowly altered my feed to reveal more content based on manhood, financial improvement, discipline, and anything under the personal development category because those things better my tomorrow. They better my thoughts for tomorrow, ideas, perceptions and even conversations.

You’re under some form of slavery

Whether we like it or not or choose to lie to ourselves, the things we get addicted to we become enslaved to, and that includes the things we watch, read or listen to or the latest social media app that entices you to pick up your phone and robbing you of your time. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Netflix etc., have become our slave masters. We wake up early in the morning, and what do we do? Check those apps. Before we go to bed, what do we do? Check those same apps. Sometimes we use those apps to avoid doing what needs doing at certain times. I have done that myself various times and find myself falling victim to it still (I’m improving I never said I was perfect lool).

The good thing about this is you can free yourself from all this, and more importantly, once you free yourself from this, you can free up more time. Time to spend doing the things you love, whether that’s time with friends and family, taking on a new hobby or reading. Or the time that you can use to get organised. One way I recommend you free yourself is by taking a fast from social media or whatever thing you’ve become enslaved to. Get a blocker on your phone if you must. Or limit your usage little by little in timely intervals.

What are some of the things you consume online or in the real world? What changes have you made in what you watch or listen to or even who you spend time with? Have you learned anything for yourself about the things you consume? I would love to know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 

Thanks For Reading

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2 thoughts on “The Things We Consume

  1. Once again, great post and motivating as usual! Well Done D!

    I would say I consume Netflix a bit more than I should and i’ve decided to put a limit on it in the last couple of weeks. I now utilise that free time to read more books and workout. I feel much more happier in a sense that I consume healthier thoughts/ideas and
    I’m able to better myself physically. I’m going to have a social media detox, which i know will be difficult because of financial attachments however it’s very much needed, i’ll most likely add meditation to the routine during my detox. Wish me luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rich! Appreciate that, and i’m glad you think so!

      Ahh good ole’ Netflix. A limit is always a good idea there are many apps that can help with that. i like that, reading books and working out is too good for the mind, you cannot go wrong. I’m not surprised you feel better about yourself because those things are positive.
      I’ve got a blog for next month about social media breaks. financial attachements? maybe limit the use, perhaps an hour a day etc. meditation is positive you can’t go wrong. You got this


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