The Truth About Vision Boards

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As we have started the new year, I’m pretty sure If you’re reading this then the end of 2021 up until now, was a time of reflection, planning and organising for this new year ahead. Some of us have various goals, plans, ideas, visions, and things that we want to happen to get us to that next level or place in our lives to be better and happier in specific ways. A lot of those plans are designed through vision boards. A vision board represents all your goals and plans in image format. This can be done by cutting out magazine pictures or sticking words or things that describe your goals and dreams on a card or plastic board. Whether big or small, it is truly up to you how you design your vision board.

In my experience, I have only constructed my vision board once, and this was done in 2020. I had watched a video on YouTube that inspired me to create one, so I went for it. I based my vision board on just things I wanted for my life on a 5–10-year span. As you can imagine, it was pretty big a board with so much on it representing various things; from my dream car, to dream house and things I wanted to create and achieve in the short and long term.

However, as I created the board and went through my journey in trying to achieve and tick things off, there are a lot of truths I learned about vision boards which I will share below;

Your Dreams, Ideas, Goals, and Visions Can/Will Change

Believe it or not, the things we plan/want or think we need to better ourselves change. Take a second and reflect on your mindset to the perspective you had 3-6months or even a year ago. You’re bound to have changed in specific ways. Maybe you’ve become more open or close-minded about things, or that your beliefs and ideologies about life and you has changed. This causes your plans and ideas, and desires to shift. In my experience, I found that my perspective towards certain things changed. I realised most of my joy and fulfilment does not always come from material things but rather experiences. This varies from conversations with people to new places or new things seen. The more I got on with my own life and read and studied various subjects such as money, dreams, the meaning of life from a spiritual and natural perspective, my mindset changes. My values were slowly shifting, and about 6-9months later, many of the images and words on my vision board no longer appealed to me. I no longer desired it. My visions, dreams were changing.

Vision Boards Do Not Guarantee You’ll Have and Achieve All You Want

……. especially WHEN YOU want it. This one stung me because I remember feeling frustrated trying to ensure certain things I wanted to achieve or even buy/own at specific points in my life were not happening. And there were various reasons for it. However, it did teach me that sometimes life happens and our goals and dreams, though they somewhat started with us, are not always entirely in our hands. I made some visions happen, though, even in times where it almost seemed like they wouldn’t, one of them being completing my postgraduate degree. Though I am proud I was able to do so, there were times I was left a bit disappointed about not being able to achieve certain things, and it seemed no matter what I did to reach them at certain times, life just said, “naah it’s not your time yet”. Despite that, I still would not encourage one to lose faith or trust in their dreams and goals so long as it comes from a positive and pure intention.

It Is Not A Magic Ticket to Success

Sort of similar to the previous truth about vision boards, only this one is about the way it is glamorised. Often when on social media or platforms like YouTube, you have various influencers, content creators and celebrities who promote vision boards as a major or the only part of their successes. I’m not taking away from their story, and maybe it did just that for some of them. But the harsh truth is for certain things you want, there isn’t just one way. There isn’t just a quick ticket or fix to get what you want. It takes hard/smart work, persistence, courage, discipline, a lot of emotions and, in some cases, some losses as well as personal changes you have to make. To put it simply, you have to put in the work and the effort. I believe the saying goes to get something that you’ve never had; you have to do what you’ve never done. While the visual images might motivate you, that isn’t enough to bring them to fruition.

Vision Boards Can Be Overwhelming and Distressing

Big or small, I feel depending on what is on the board, it can be a lot to consume and take in. I felt overwhelmed because my vision board was so big, and there was so much to tick off in the short and long term. In some cases, this can be damaging mentally, especially when it feels like life is going in a completely different turn; you can almost feel like you’re not making much progress or that you’re failing. In my experience, as I started to feel a shift in my mindset, perspectives, and values, looking at my vision board often did not uplift my spirit or encourage me. It got to a point where I eventually took it down from my wall and tucked it away in one corner. That was not me neglecting my dreams or losing faith but just a way to free my mind. It’s almost like social media. Waking up in the morning and consuming a lot of things can be a bad start. I recently looked at my vision board and took off many images on there that no longer aligned with what I wanted for my life. The rest of what is on there is on there. Currently, I don’t operate with my vision board as I am in a different space but rather a written plan of ideas and how I will execute them at various stages of my life, and I’m basing that on 2022.

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