New Year, New…..NOTHING!!

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If you’re reading this, I’d like to start by wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, hope I’m not too late. In all honesty there is a lot that inspired this article you’re about to read. First off, I’ll say that this is not in anyway a post that deters anybody from wanting to make great changes for themselves this year nor is it something that will lift you into a whole new dimension or a secret to betterment. I believe the ultimate secret to such is within you. Let’s get this new year started……or maybe let’s pause?

I feel every new year we all make big plans and have all the hopes and dreams in the world that will shape our lives and take us to better heights. There is nothing wrong with that, but how many times do some of us get a great start into the new year then give up? Or stop and restart a thousand times only to find ourselves back where we started? New year, new…….and the cycle repeats once again.

If you’re triggered from reading that then clearly, you’re probably in the same mindset I’m in. As I am talking to you, I’m also talking to myself because I too am fond of this toxic cycle of having great intensions for better, having a great start and then hitting a plateau where I just completely fall off. Sometimes it can be hard to get refocused and get back into that zone.

Reflecting upon 2021 I’ve always known this about myself, but I realise I easily get distracted. I struggle to stay focused and, in some cases, stay committed to something that even though I know will yield rewards in the moment, doesn’t seem like it. So, what do I do? Fill my energy with instant gratification. Whether that is mindlessly scrolling through social media, watching Netflix, watching a bunch of YouTube videos, or coming up with more reasons to put things off. But why do this? Why allow myself to get so distracted? The truth is I don’t know but the best answer I have come up with is that those daunting tasks or must do’s can be overwhelming and one thing 2021 highlighted about me is that I have somewhat grown to be an overthinker, not always a bad thing in some cases but in a few instances has not always served me well and has not aided in my productivity.

So what’s new now? Is it going to be different this year? To be honest probably not, or at least not instantly. Let me explain…… whilst I would love to lie to myself and convince myself that things are going to change in a flick of a switch the reality is that it will take a while to change because new habits or new things especially those that yield something that has never been accomplished or experienced will take time. However, I am willing to try and I am aware of the little things I need to do to make these changes.

So the moral of all this is to say, with this new year as you look ahead wanting more and better for yourself, please go easy on yourself. Rome weren’t built in a day, give yourself a chance to grow and transition into a better person and to become the person you need to be to achieve those certain things you want. You don’t have to be come a new you, but rather aspire to be a better version of yourself, but gradually, baby steps, be realistic. It’s good to have all the faith in the world, I’d never discourage that but let’s be realistic in all our desires and endeavours for this new year and I wish you all the best.

Sincerely Yours


6 thoughts on “New Year, New…..NOTHING!!

  1. Something that I have learnt over the years tackling one thing at a time. I often feel overwhelmed when I know there is alot to do. And I end up focusing on the end goal instead of the smaller tasks I need to complete to get to the goal. Taking each task and each day as they come has helped me so much in feeling more calm and patience in achieving what I want.

    Welcome back to blogging 🤗

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    1. yes, one thing at a time always works. I’ve had that experience, piece by piece is how some of us work best. I love this idea and mindset of taking tasks and life one day at a time. Best thing i’ve started doing.

      Thanks 🙂


  2. Welcome back! I don’t love the new year new blah blah blahs either but this year I’ve decided to push myself out of my comfort zone following a tragic end to 2021. It took going through it to realize that sometimes the idea of a fresh start can give someone the push to get out of depression. 😉

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    1. Thanks Shelly! Appreciate your comment. loool they’re annoying right? Sorry about the tragic end to 2021, i hope you’re finding the strength to heal in this new year. I like that, and i also agree the idea of a fresh start can help with one’s wellbeing in various ways

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  3. Love the title, made me giggle.
    Welcome back to blogging @ livingpf… you’ve been missed 🤗🤗.

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    1. thanks, i’m glad you had a good chuckle also. Appreciate the immense support


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