5 Benefits of Reading

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Reading is something that I have recently grown to start loving again after deciding to pick it up as a hobby towards the end of last year. In doing so, I have realised that reading has many benefits that we all ought to exploit, especially if given a chance to. In today’s blog, I will be sharing below five benefits of reading, with the hope that even if you’re not someone who enjoys reading, it encourages you to give it a try and at your own pace.

1 Reduces Stress & Anxiety

When you’re going through stresses, reading enables some form of escapism through the pages you read. It’s almost like a movie where you are into the story of the character you may be reading about. In those few minutes of reading about another reality and possibility that is not your own, you almost forget your burdens and the few things that bother you. Regarding teaching books, this may empower you to act on your problems but also allow you to see other possibilities of what life can be despite your low and hard moments.

2 Improves Language, Vocabulary & Communication Skills

How often do you find yourself reading and notice words or phrases that you’ve never seen before? I’m sure you probably answered yes to yourself. This is an advantage that reading brings; it amplifies our vocabulary and language through new words we are exposed to. This can be beneficial when meeting people from various walks of life, from vast career professions to even cultures and subcultures. Nobody is perfect at communicating, but writers often show us various ways to express or put our points across in many diverse ways. Learning and also using new words also can make you seem intelligent when speaking with certain people. It is also advantageous if and when you’re in a situation where you need to impress or persuade through your communication.

3 Exposes Your Mind To New Ideas

When you read, you often have some idea of what you are likely to find but what remains a mystery is the new ideas that come to you as you flick through pages. Whether it be a biography, sci-fi or self-help book, there’s always something to take from there that sparks our imagination to run wild. These ideas could also inspire us to change our lives in very small but significant ways. For example, when I read The Alchemist, it inspired my mind to realise that we can learn valuable lessons from almost any and everybody and not shun the wisdom of people from various backgrounds or cultures.

4 Helps With Sleep Readiness At Night

Based on a 2009 study from Sussex University, researchers results showed that opening a book before trying to sleep can aid in insomnia. The study revealed that just under 10minutes of reading could reduce stress by 68% and helps with clearing the mind and preparing the body effectively for sleep. In my experience, I find that reading as opposed to using a phone before bed distracts you from whatever that may have occurred during that leading up to the night. Getting engulfed in a book of wisdom or another story also puts our minds in a calm and relaxing state, making it easier to fall asleep shortly after.

5 Enhances Knowledge & Wisdom

Knowledge enhancement through reading is something that an avid reader can expect. Most books have information on many different areas of life that teach many things. A lot of things that most people know came from something they might have seen or read somewhere. Without reading, we can only learn through experiences and lessons. Although not always a bad thing, it can be limiting because it is not everything that we will experience or be exposed to. Reading gives that extra advantage of gain wise words and information that impacts our intellect.

Thanks For Reading

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