6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Win Your Day

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The mornings are not always easy to make the most of, especially when you’ve not always had some morning routine or things you do out of habit. I have grown to see how starting my day in specific ways helps influence how the rest of the day flows. Of course, that does not always mean that things will always go my way, but at least mentally, I’ll be able to deal with it in times where it doesn’t.

Below I’d like to share six things you can do in the mornings to help you win your day.

1 Wake Up Early

I know it does not sound like a lot of fun because sleep is relaxing and more enjoyable, and I’m sure most of us reading this love our sleep and time of rest. However, waking up early enough gives the benefit of having that time and moment to yourself that is uninterrupted and undisturbed. You can get more things done or catch up on other things that bring fulfilment to your life, such as reading, journaling, or listening to a podcast. Early rising is subjective, depending on the lifestyle one leads. Some may see 4 am – 6 am as early enough to rise and start the day; some may wake up at 6 am – 8 am. I would say any time after eight is not all that early because the world rises at that time, and the time Is likely to be interrupted, especially if you may live with family or have a house/roommates. I also understand it’s also easier said than done. I have not yet perfected, but I try to do when I can, and I’ve seen the benefits.

2 Hydrate and Wash Your Face

Drinking water helps to refresh you in the mornings when you first wake up, and that is what you need in the mornings to help you get going, give you that extra bit of oxygen and pump in your system. Washing your face, preferably with cold water, enables you to stay awake and, in a weird way, helps to clear that sleepy energy out of you. It’s a quick fix to wake you up before getting into the rest of your activities before getting into the gritty parts of the day.

3 Start The Day With Gratitude

Doing this puts your mind in a suitable frame and attitude to begin the day. Where you do have some time in the mornings, I recommend finding some time to find things or reasons to be grateful. The typical attitude is to wake up upset or annoyed because the alarm went off, and now you have to get out of your comfy bed. What if we tried to view the morning’s rising as an opportunity or a chance to be better than yesterday? Of course, I know it’s easier said than done but of course, baby steps. You can read more about gratitude and its benefits in this blog I released a while ago.

4 Read or Listen to Something You Can Learn From

Whether this would be a podcast or educational radio series or a self-help book or knowledge-based or spiritual book such as Bible or Quran, these are all positive ways to engage your mind in the mornings. So much goes on in the world, and often we millennials are woken up to social media feeds with all kinds of information and news that aren’t always good for us, nor does it feed us in any positive way. When I get the chance, I often like to listen to motivation via YouTube from great and inspirational speakers and public figures. I also listen to personal development-based podcasts or a sermon as I exercise to keep myself in the right frame of mind. 

5 Exercise

Exercise is a great energy booster for the day, gets the blood flowing, and the body moving. Commonly one might wake up feeling sluggish, and I’m sure it’s nothing like the movies where one wakes up all excited and cheery. The one thing about exercising in the morning is that it’s easier because you feel your lightest, and that is when you’re most energised. It all depends on one’s lifestyle. Some may prefer to exercise later on in the day or at night, which is also positive. However, you are likely to feel more tired and have less energy as your physical and mental energy has been consumed by school or work.

6 Plan Ahead for The Day

Planning doesn’t have to be something big or complicated, but just time to think or have an idea of how you’d like the day to go and helps to set a focus and intention. Mornings could even be a time to think about deadlines and tasks you may want to tackle at work or in your personal life. It could also be as simple and putting together a to-do list so you have something to reference. That way, you don’t spend your day or time wasting away where not needed.

Overall, these are not going to be applicable in one morning for everybody; maybe even doing one or two of these to start your day can help. I hope that reading this has been helpful. Feel free to comment or feedback below as it does help with future blog posts and share this with a friend or loved one.

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4 thoughts on “6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Win Your Day

  1. I started following this routine during the latter part of the lock down last year and I’m so better for it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad to know that it worked for you! Keep up the good work ☺️💪


  2. Love these tips! I personally like to plan for the day the night before rather than the morning but it is a really good way to start the day with the right mindset 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Niraj, much appreciated! I understand that as well. That also makes sense. I usually have a mental idea the night before but I feel sometimes the day will be what it is so morning works for me i suppose ☺️


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