Book Review: Endless Fortune

Front Cover Of The Book.

I purchased this book after seeing it on my social media feed. The writer also happens to be the mother of 2 legendary UK rap artists I grew up listening to from time to time; Skepta & JME. This book is full of beautiful lessons and stories at various points in the upbringing and growth of the writer’s life and her journey from her childhood till now, which brings the book title, Endless Fortune.

The writer Ify Adenuga walks us through various points in her adolescence through to her teenage years and then to adult life. It’s like, as a reader, you get to run the race with her. I found this memoir refreshing because the writer also educates about various aspects of her Nigerian (Igbo) culture. She talks about foods, language, proverbs, cultures, and how persuasive speech was when in a community to network and relationships with peers.

Within this book, we learn about Ify’s views on various aspects of life, her family upbringing and values in community and education. It also enables me as a reader to understand that everyone has a story and a mind and truth of their own.

One aspect of this book that pushed me to keep reading was that her story almost comes alive in the imagination. She was detailed and particular in her description of certain aspects of encounters she had and certain emotions that she and her family went through, especially in times of unfortunate circumstances such as living in poverty, escaping war and grievances and losses she and family endured. Ify also shares joyful moments such as achieving an education, migrating, and changing her life and serving her community.

Without giving away too much of the contents in this book, all I can say is that it is inspiring for a blogger/writer like myself. I shared how I enjoy journaling across certain aspects of my life. Reading this inspired me to keep documenting my days from when I started till I the day it may all end. Besides learning and getting a great story about one’s climb to success, legacy, glory and endless fortune, there are also various lessons to learn and specific characteristics described of multiple people mentioned that we could all learn from through Ify Adenuga’s story. As someone who also grew up in a west African household (Ghanaian, to be exact), I found a lot of what she talked about relatable. I feel that anybody on a journey to self-discovery would benefit from reading this despite your cultural background.

Overall Rating of The Book: 5/5

(I’m a sucker for a good biography, and I always looked forward to what was next after every few pages)

Recommendable? : Definitely

Things You Learn As A Reader:

–         Follow your heart and always go with your gut for the things you want in life

–         It is okay to become your most authentic self even if it breaks certain cultural traditions

–         Remember why you started when embarking on your journey to betterment.

–         Your environment, no matter how small, can always teach and bless you in various ways

–         Take risks even if it upsets those around you; life is too short to play it safe

–         Every rule broken has its consequences, but it may not always end in punishment. Sometimes a lesson may also transform your character

–         The status quo is almost non-existent

–         Family is significant; always pay respect back to where/who you came from

–         Expose yourself to new things (places, experiences, foods, cultures, knowledge)

–         Open your mind to understand various people and their views on life. You don’t have to always

           agree, but you can accept and respect that everyone is different based on multiple aspects.

–         Self-belief goes a long way.

Thanks For Reading

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Endless Fortune

  1. Nice one. Keep it up, Darren.

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  2. I’m definitely getting this book. I think Ify needs to see your review as it definitely sells her book to me.

    Nice 1, again. But then, I’m your biggest fan :-).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re definitely my biggest fan/supporter and most consistent. It is appreciated 😊

      I have sent her a link to this article and I posted a shorter review on Instagram to which she commented and liked 😁


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