Having A Better Year Than 2020

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Make A Decision

To have a better year than 2020 is possible despite what could happen in the world surrounding Covid and other factors. I am a firm believer in things being as you imagine or vision. So, to have a better year make decisions. Take that rein and be in charge of all your choices and life. Bear in mind that obviously, not everything is on our control, some things are not up to us. But the things that you can control, make sure you are at the forefront of your decisions. So, if you want to have a better year, decide to have a better year. Decide to work on your attitude towards the year, and the things you want to see different in your life, make a decision.

Know/Do what works for you

 2020 seemed to have given many of us time to think, reassess and evaluate ourselves. In some ways, one may say we became more self-aware and have a greater understanding of our truths and how we see the world. So, to have a better year than this year, know what works for you and act on it. If you don’t know what works for you in certain aspects of your life, I’d advise that you spend time in stillness. Spend some time away from distractions and all the craziness that goes on in your life and speak with yourself and have a bit of a mind map of how you see yourself, areas of life you’re unhappy with, things you want to change etc. Once you know that, you can act and be more intentional in the way you live your life. Don’t do things based on what everyone is doing if it doesn’t agree with you, no matter what it is. I also understand that it is not always this easy as there are barriers such as culture and family, but you have to find your balance.

Do it Differently

Don’t be afraid to do things differently. Chances are in 2020 there were certain things you tried doing that have been working or not working. Maybe you want better results. How about trying a different approach? I’ll be honest and say that reaching 100 followers on this blog was possible through doing things differently. Before now, I used to write blogs and post them thinking, that it’ll grow automatically. It was not until I started supporting and engaging with others, and developing my writing, which resulted in a difference and more engagement. Albert Einstein said doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity. I think he’s right. We all have to level up and evolve within our approach to certain things. Be it our work, school/education, personal endeavours, and relationships. Don’t be afraid to do things differently this year or place yourself in different environments and amongst different people. Change is a good thing, although scary but, you’ll not regret it.

Listen To Yourself

Mind, body, soul, and spirit. Make sure you listen to all of them as they’re your guide. Personally, that’s my belief and outlook on life. No one is an expert on you more than you. Listen to your body, listen to your heart, and mind and go with it. When you feel tired or sad or burnt out. It is okay to give yourself a break. It is okay to feel your feels or be in a moment of negativity, but do not make that your end. In a world where everything seems so microwaved and, everything has to be instant, we are somewhat conditioned to ignore ourselves, and allow external factors to affect us. This eventually leads to a breakdown where everything feels draining. Everybody seems to think they have the answers to fix you, but they don’t only God can do that and, you’ll know how God moves with your spirit when you stop and listen within.

Have a plan/goal/focus

I never thought I’d be promoting such because 2020 I refused to plan at the start as 2018-2019 had served me nothing but disappointment and curveballs. But as 2020 continued, I made some plans to have a focus. I had to plan to achieve the small milestone I’ve had with LivingPF.com. However, I have learnt that it helps to know how to plan and set goals. I would advise following the SMART principle. Which is an acronym for…..





Time Specific

I also advise starting small with one step at a time. Eventually, you’ll find your way. I was speaking to a friend the other day and, we talked about having one focus as opposed to 10. That also works. You don’t have to have a lot of goals and mega plans. Just know what works for you and role with that. Your one focus for the year could be your career. That focus alone will allow you to allow your actions and intentions towards that goal. You may not always need a crazy notebook full of plans, that too is okay. Whilst R in SMART stands for realistic, as a man of faith, I believe the “realistic” is tailormade for the individual. What is realistic to me may not be to someone else. Also, God may put in your heart a goal that is far bigger than you imagined. There are great things in this world and magnificent things people have done that started as unrealistic. Eventually, they became a reality. So, don’t be afraid to have “unrealistic” goals. Nothing is impossible.

I hope reading this adds value to your start to the new year. 2020 was a lot but, it’s gone let’s look forward. Of course, there are many other things you can do to have a better year. These are the few I thought I would share and some I am personally going to do. 

How is the start of your year so far? What are you doing differently to make this one better than the last? Let me know in the comments and let’s learn from each other.

Thank You So Much for Reading.

Sincerely Yours


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3 thoughts on “Having A Better Year Than 2020

  1. Amazing and encouraging article! what i liked the most is the example you gave of Living PF success in terms o 100 followers. The planning you did to reach your milestone reminds me of a famous quote: “failing to plan is planning to fail” May you have many more followers!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and your support Aleena, much appreciated ☺️. That saying still prevails. And even that small milestone has encouraged i can do what i set my mind to so long as action and faith follow. Amen to that 😅. I’m humbled by your support

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My pleasure! Your content deserve that Darren!

    Liked by 1 person

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