Au Revoir To 2020 – A Reflective Piece

As we are approaching the end of the year, I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been in a bit of a reflective mood. This year for me has been interesting.

Overall, it has been a good year for me in terms of my level of personal development. Despite a few wins and losses, I’m grateful for what they have revealed to me and the lessons I have learnt. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to be still and to have the time to spend with myself. I’m sure many can also relate.

This year I’ve learnt more about myself as a man and my true beliefs and attitudes towards various things. I am still a working progress and in no way am I suggesting I am perfect, and in all honesty that is not the goal. I only intend to become better and hopefully, through that journey, share that with you all as my fellow readers and writers. Various things I learnt, came from self-assessment and questioning a lot about this world and people to myself. I also learnt through talks I had with my parents, friends, and colleagues at work. I am most grateful that 2020 allowed me to learn and find me in various ways.

A big part of my learning also came from this very platform, WordPress. Since I recently started connecting with and reading content from other writers, I have learnt a lot about various things like faith, mental health, personal development and how to be better with blogging. Many writers/bloggers on this platform are very talented. Through reading some of their posts, I have been positively influenced in my way of thinking. My views and perceptions of various things in life have changed. So yes, if you happen to be reading this, and I’ve ever commented on or liked your post/s, I am talking about you. You are doing amazing and thank you for your ideas and words.

In the new year, one of my goals is to continue being better and continue what I am and have been doing that has served me well this year. So, I don’t intend to stop writing/blogging, I don’t intend to stop journaling, I don’t intend to stop being conscious of my personal financial decisions, finding my faith and more. 2020 highlighted that it is okay to take a break. Believe it or not in my post about burnout, I went through a hard time feeling that way before posting it. That time in my life, taught me that balance is sometimes the key to being at peace.

In this season of Christmas, whether you celebrate or not, I hope it is a peaceful and a joyous time even if all you’re doing is taking time off work or social media to spend time with family. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a productive new year. I hope that despite what goes on in the world, we choose to remain true to ourselves, our morals and our paths and visions.

I will be taking a break from now till the new year. I look forward to putting out more blog posts and more. I am grateful for all that read my posts and the opportunity to write and share my truths.  I am also grateful for the new relationships I have formed with some fellow writers.

Sincerely Yours,


13 thoughts on “Au Revoir To 2020 – A Reflective Piece

  1. Merry Christmas Darren 😊
    Wishing you the best ahead.
    Happy Holidays 🎉

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    1. Merry Christmas to you too Manisha 🎄☺️. Enjoy your holidays and a happy new year in advance

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      1. Thank you👍
        Wishing you a happy new year in advance.
        Enjoy your Holidays 🎉

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  2. Wonderfully said… thanks for sharing! It’s truly inspiring. Let’s continue to hope and learn, may we all come out of this crisis as better versions of ourselves. A Blessed Christmas to you!


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your words. And yess that’s the idea. A Merry (late) Christmas to you too and a happy new year in advance ☺️

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  3. Nicely written! I hope you’ve had a great Christmas and time to enjoy the holidays 🙂

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    1. Thank you ☺️ and yes the Christmas was great just trying to relax more during the holidays


  4. I enjoyed reading this. I can relate to a lot of what was written. I love that you say perfection is not the goal. We often forget when we are trying to be the best versions of ourselves. We then let go of the present, seeking a future never promised. I look forward to reading more posts in the year! Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for taking the time to read this post. That’s true you say wise words. I’m learning to be content with now. And like you say the future is never promised. Likewise, and same to you too ☺️

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  5. Thank you for sharing this, I really like how you want to continue improving and getting better in 2021, as personal growth and development is a continuous process! Wishing you all the best for 2021!

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    1. Thank you for reading Niraj. Yess that’s the aim personal growth is a never ending exercise. Thank you and all the best for 2021 to you too ☺️


  6. That’s an insightful post Darren – it sounds like 2020 has been a good opportunity and set new direction.

    Perfection is not needed, the main thing is your are taking this journey.

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    1. Thank you James, appreciate your comment. And yes as much as it’s been a hard year that’s exactly what it’s been.

      And not at all, life in all it’s ways is a journey till the very end. Onwards and upwards in 2021

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