Lessons From Covid 19

The Coronavirus is something that took over the world. I remember going from a time and season of bliss to then being during panic and the world practically shutting down. As I’m based in London (UK), I will mainly share from that perspective. I remember just arriving from a holiday trip from the states to then waking up the next day to see that everyone was panic buying in fear of shops being completely for a long time. Although the changes thereafter created discomfort, that was not entirely the case. Slowly after that day, it was clear to see that life was about to change drastically and a lot of the small things we took for granted, we would miss. From being forced into isolation, shops and restaurants being closed as well as places of leisure and entertainment, life was made mundane instantly. The main devastations being the many deaths and illnesses that the virus caused, and the overcrowded hospitals and the strain put on public service workers from doctors, nurses, and social care workers to name a few. The lives lost in such conditions also meant that many families could not bury and mourn their loved ones as they would have wished due to social distancing measures and policies put in place. Even though devastation and uncertainty seemed to be at the forefront, it was also a time that affected others in various ways that the media would not entirely be able to broadcast. For me, the time of isolation enabled me to confront myself. I realised there was a lot to learn. Some of which i will share below so please, keep reading;

Life Is Very Short

I realised that lately, we have been living in the season of the unexpected despite how much we try to plan and orchestrate things within time. I am sure towards the end of last year some of us had all these plans and aims to do certain things and with certain people. Many of us never saw COVID 19 coming and resulting in so many lives lost and things being on pause. In hearing about all this, I realised that life is not as long as we all think. It could all be gone within a blink of an eye. Subconsciously we all tend to overthink things and many of us delay until “the right time” to truly live life to the fullest. Not to be dramatic but maybe the reason to start is “you could die at any time”. Some of us have relationships that needed fixing, but we put off due to selfish reasons and pride (myself included). Sometimes all it takes is a conversation and reaching out. Life is too short for unfinished business. As much as we should live our lives, we must aspire to live purposely and not just carelessly in the name of “a good time”.

Financial Management & Money Is an Important Skill & Tool for Survival

Economically, the UK is at an all-time low. With many businesses and industries closed, many people lost their income due to redundancy from jobs and others having their employment terminated. Thankfully, I am not in that position, but I can only empathise with those that are at a loss with their income and have no other sources to rely on. Although I am still able to keep my job and income, I could have been at a loss too. Financially I am empowered to manage my money better and to save more than I spend for rainy days such as this. Also, the possibility of one day increasing my sources and avenues of income, but I am confident all that will take time.

There Are Good People in The World – Community is Power

Amid the uprising of police brutality in the states particularly on George Floyd, many of us witnessed the uprising in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The brutality George Floyd faced worldwide, sparked attention globally causing people all over the world to come together. This demonstrated that there is a lot of good in humanity, and when people come together, there is a lot of good that can happen. In the UK protests were being held in support of the Black Lives Matter as well as the passing of Belly Mujinga. Belly Mujinga was a black railway worker for the Transport of London who was coughed and spat on by a man who claimed to have the coronavirus. Unfortunately, despite the outrage within communities and the unity of many, still, no justice has yet been served.

People also came together to support many who were less fortunate by donating to various GoFundMe’s that enabled people to get out of difficult situations and change their lives as well as their families through that support. Despite all the negatives COVID 19 caused it was evident to see examples of the good in humanity and during devastation people can come together. It also shows that we as individuals are very adaptable, intelligent, and creative enough to find a way to manage even in the wildest storms.

Life is Not Entirely in Our Hands or Those in Positions of Power

This pandemic has proved that nobody knows what is to come or could have entirely predicted how 2020 would have turned out. Politicians are making decisions to lead their nations based on no certainty and the effects their decisions will have on the nation. Scientists are developing all kinds of theories or potential vaccines and medicines that are not yet guaranteed to counteract the virus. Academics and theorists are working to come up with various explanations behind the virus. Schools were closed, resulting in remote forms of learning and many other changes. We all had plans and goals for the year, some of which through no control of our own, there may have been no way to meet those personal objectives. I am grateful to be alive and do have faith that there is most definitely a higher power that is keeping us and our lives being able to carry on.

Isolation Can Sometimes be Advantageous

Although lonesome, isolation does not always have to be a bad thing. For those like myself who live in a rat race society, some of us have been given the benefit of slowing down. The time and has provided the opportunity to make some changes to our lives, potentially for the better. The time can be used to grow in relationships with family and loved ones, start businesses and other projects and pursuits, or even work on things that you have put on hold for a long time. You can even try and develop some new beneficial habits such as exercising, reading, or journaling.

I hope if you’re reading this you see it as a blessing that you’re alive and if you are still able to do various things, there is a purpose in the now and the future to follow no matter what happens.

My condolences, and deepest sympathies to those who have lost in any way, during this difficult time. Though I know it is easy for me to say, I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel, even this dark one called COVID 19.

Thanks for reading.

Sincerely Yours,


8 thoughts on “Lessons From Covid 19

  1. Love it!!

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    1. Thank you, appreciate your support and feedback ☺️


  2. Love this piece. Indeed Corona did a number on us this year but in all I’m grateful to be alive. It’s simply grace that Haha brought us this far.

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    1. Thanks for reading Mams and absolutely! God’s been good in keeping us 🙏🏿


  3. Mam’s Thoughts (Maame) November 29, 2020 — 5:13 pm

    Love this piece!! Corona did a number on us this year. I’m grateful to be alive , my family is well and grace has kept us all. I am hopeful for what the future holds no matter how bad it may look right now.

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    1. I love how you say you stay hopeful, it’s important to adopt the right attitudes to push forward


  4. Thought provoking.
    We must take the good from this, and the pandemic definitely had surfaced some goodness.
    I have definitely benefited from being cut off, and financially learnt how to plan better for the future.
    Thanks for sharing 😊

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    1. Thanks for reading my post and taking value from it. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing the benefits you gained from the pandemic. I relate with financial planning for the future. Had a similar experience this year


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