Still Covering My Tracks: The Braces Journey continues

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This is an update on my braces journey that I have decided to share with you all, not for my vanity, but mainly because I know there are some young adults out there that are insecure about their teeth/smile and want to do something about it. Some might find it challenging for various reasons. This is an update on what has been going on with my journey so far and I am going to be sharing all the ins and outs based on my experience so far.

**Please understand that I am not a qualified dentist, orthodontist, oral hygienist or any medical professional. So please do not take all my advice as gospel and respect that the following is from a personal point of view**

 What has happened so far?

Since the last time, I have been for a few appointments to get my braces tightened. The journey so far was mainly about getting used to them and letting them work their magic. Fast forward to my current state which I am happy with, I have been challenged with getting used to them. Usually, after every appointment, I have to get my braces tightened and have the condition of my oral hygiene examined. I usually have a love/hate for these appointments because my braces being tightened means eating soft food for a whole week and if you have me on Instagram it is no secret that my diet is crazy. Aside from that, I have seen progress in my smile due to frequent appointments and visits. It also helps that I have made it a habit to clean and floss my teeth at least 2-3 times a day and occasionally in-between meals.

Although I was advised to floss after every meal or snack, I’ve got to be honest, for me that does not work due to the nature of my job and the lifestyle I live. Also, I’m not a robot that can operate with such a discipline. With some things, you have to do what works for you and this is honestly what works for me. The only problem is that later down the line I had to pay a small fee of £59 for an oral hygiene appointment as there was a build-up of swollen gums (I know disgusting right?). Aside from that I have seen a big improvement on my smile and I genuinely look forward to the final finish almost every day (whenever that is, I don’t yet know) See the pics below for current progress.

 How do I feel?

At first, I felt a bit annoyed with the whole process as my gap initially was taking too long to close, even a little bit. If you understand the effort in building up confidence it took to take those pictures from before you know it’s real. That was initially. I also grew to understand that I would have to just keep my mind busy on other things and let time do its job.

Currently, I am very happy with how my smile has improved and developed. I feel more handsome the more my smile continues to improve and above all, I also feel weird when I press my tongue against my teeth and glide it feeling that all my teeth are together and aligned. I am patiently waiting to get them off and I hope that happens before my birthday.

How getting braces has changed my life

It has changed my smile and the way I look at myself and feel when I take pictures. I tend to smile and show a bit more teeth in my pictures, the personal ones forget the ones you see on Instagram lool. That is usually because I remember having a gap and hated showing my teeth in pictures because of my slight insecurity about my smile.

Wearing braces in my adult years has also taught me that, despite insecurities other adults may have about getting them, no one gives a damn about you having braces and looking like a 12year old when you smile. People have their problems and priorities to deal with.

Braces have also taught me about discipline and consistency. This is in regards to maintaining them daily through basic and simple habits such as gentle brushing and flossing, combined with the appointments. Had I not been consistent in doing this, I may not have gotten to this point. I feel the process has been rewarding so far.

 Things to avoid

  • Do not miss an appointment more than once. Because it is you that pays the orthodontist you’re technically playing yourself
  • Avoid eating too much crunchy and hard foods, snacks or sweets. They can break the whole brace
  • Avoid consistently chewing gum. Sometimes gum can get stuck behind the brackets and the floss could miss it.
  • Don’t get into any fights or participate in any contact or self-defence related sports. Imagine getting your braces knocked out? Too much pain, a waste of money and progress.

Things to do

  • Consistently seek advice from your orthodontist and take it
  • If you are instructed to put rubber bands in your mouth as part of the process, please do so. When they say it helps with fixing the bite, it is no lie
  • Ensure you are brushing and flossing daily
  • Take pictures so you can later review your progress. It is a great confidence boost
  • Relax


  • You learn more about discipline through the upkeep
  • It helps with your self-confidence and builds up the courage
  • After a while they almost become normal


  • They’re a pain to deal with when you’re trying to enjoy a good meal, but have food stuck in between brackets
  • Due to the first one can make social lunches and dinners kind of awkward when you’re sitting across the table from friends and talking but all you want to do is pick the bits out of your teeth. (This is why the pocket floss and toothbrush are a lifesaver)
  • When tightened it can make talking and eating uncomfortable for over a week

 What’s next?

I am hoping to eventually get them off real soon but for now, I am going to keep doing what I am doing, and hope things work out for the best. I also hope to use this experience to help other people in different ways so more posts and content might follow.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or if you’d rather seek information privately you can always contact me on social media @LivingPF or via email.

Stay Phenomenal.

2 thoughts on “Still Covering My Tracks: The Braces Journey continues

  1. I like you, did the adult braces.. and yes, while many aspects of the process were a royal pain, I am so glad I stuck it out. Having a straight set of choppers makes me smile even more..which honestly, improves ones own mood..a totally unexpected bonus. 👍 I also take excellent care of my teeth now which can only pay dividends in the future.. so all in all, the braces were worth the expense, inconvenience and annoyance for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind words and yes i am also glad i stuck it out. Having straight and aligned teeth has always been a goal of mine. I’ve finished the process of it now (need a follow up post to this). The investment is well worth it and it definitely is good you still take care of your teeth now. For me it was totally worth it. Thanks for sharing with me. Have a great Christmas from one happy smiler to another 😁😁


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