How To Date When Broke! – Top 5 Tips


A lot of people have the notion that when dating that there is a financial burden that comes with it. Based on my personal experiences with dating, I can understand that there is a cost aspect that comes with it, especially in instances like paying for yourself as well as whoever you’re dating, based on the event or season. I have grown to learn and understand that dating does not always have to be so expensive or costly and a lot of it depends on your style of dating as well as the stage you’re in, combined with creativity. I feel there is a difference in the effect of the cost when it comes to casually dating/meeting new people as opposed to a relationship or purposeful form of dating predicated on you focusing on one person and getting to know and grow together. Below are some of my ideas on how you can date on a budget;

  • Cook together

Cooking is quite an easy and simple one. All you need is a place to cook, some ingredients to prepare a meal/dessert and most importantly, your significant other. Cooking is quite romantic, if you’re a guy reading this you’ve probably realised that girls love a guy who can cook or at least shows the initiative to want to cook. It’s even more romantic when you cook for them or cook together. It’s a simple yet creative activity because it allows both of you to get lost in your creativity and explore a taste that both of you can enjoy. Also, who doesn’t love food? No girl or guy can ever say no to food as a date suggestion but cooking together? Chances are if they like you enough, they’ll be up for it and it will be fun. I would recommend doing this with someone you’re in a relationship with based on how intimate this is in my opinion.


  • Invite her around yours or go to hers and host a movie or games day/night just the two of you

Another great way to save your pockets is to just simply invite your date over to your place. But keep it PG and keep it simple. This is especially nice in seasons that tend to be a bit colder like in your autumn and winter seasons. You watch movies and series together or play some games be it video or board games. It won’t matter once you’re in the moment. This is something you can also do as a follow up to cooking together. You can then enjoy the meal together whilst watching a bunch of movies. Bear in mind this does not only have to be at night, but daytime is also cool. Either way, you save yourself some money whilst getting quality time with your date as well as some laughs.


  • Take a walk stop at a few quiet spots with nice views and just talk (where it’s cold you can also cuddle her or vice versa not just for warmth but the closeness and a connection)


A nice quiet walk can be peaceful and intimate and sometimes it can be enjoyed just being together. There are many things to see on walks. The beautiful thing about walks is that it doesn’t consider any planning or attention to detail. You just go with the flow and get lost on your walk together. Along the way you can stop and talk, have a few good conversations that the moment demands that you may have never had before, and overall this is probably the simplest one out of all of them.

  • Go to the gym together

Going to the gym is very therapeutic for me and to do that as a date is simple yet beneficial to you and your date. Whether he or she exercises regularly it doesn’t even matter. Gym and fitness are still an activity that requires participation and effort. You can be each other’s source of encouragement and motivation. To add more fun to the mix you can even introduce a friendly competition with a reasonable forfeit. At least that creates tension and makes the idea of gym more fun as opposed to seeing it as fitness and workout sessions.

  • Host a sip and art evening (wine, cocktails or any other drink of your choice, some sketchbooks pencils, paints, easels, paper all good to go)

Artistic expression is a wonderful thing and if you are familiar with the trend of sip and paint, you can also host your own and do that as a date for your partner. It allows you both to express yourself in your creative way as well as creating an environment that allows you both to connect on a level you probably never have. I entitled this sip and art because not everyone likes to paint, some are better at drawing or even writing. Art comes in many different forms. You don’t necessarily have to be sipping any wines or alcoholic beverages, it is all by choice. Do remember to sip and art responsibly.

I hope all those ideas help. Do keep in mind that these are just a few ideas, more may be introduced in the future. All this is based on helping you all to live your lives positively and in the best way but to also learn something. Feel free to try any of these ideas and let me know if your date thought it was phenomenal by tweeting @livingpf.

Comment if you have your ideas or want to share your own opinions. All views are welcome. Stay happy and………

Stay phenomenal!

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