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Going to the gym is a luxury that everyone should enjoy, but one cannot just up and go to the gym unprepared. Going to any type of environment requires preparation. The same way you prepare to go to work, school, a party or a date is the same attitude that must be applied when going to the gym because it also has its own vibe. You need to ensure you look and feel comfortable whenever you’re there. Today I’m going to share 6 things that everyone needs when going to the gym. You can use these tips as a checklist when getting ready to go to the gym, this will work for everybody. I dare you to try it;

  • The right attire

Attire Photo

Just like how there is a dress code for school or work, the same applies in the gym. I also respect that this is very subjective, because you have the freedom to wear whatever you like, but certain types of clothing like jeans are not going to do you good in the gym. With fitness and exercise, it is very simple. You should wear clothing pieces that are fairly fitted on the skin and are made with breathable fabric. Otherwise known as Athleisure wear. These include items such as fitted t-shirts or vests, track pants of slim fitted joggers. Spandex can also work, but if you’re a guy for your own sake so you’re not exposing the print of your piece, you can wear shorts over it.

The same thing applied with females too, you can add leggings for your bottoms instead of slim/muscle fit track pants and maybe wear a sports bra (unless you want to give guys more reasons to stare at you). These types of attire are affective for training because they absorb sweat a lot better and reduce the chances of any odours seeping through from the sweat as well as chaffing in certain body areas that are in contact with the clothing. Also avoid accessories such as earrings, necklaces and watches as they can get in the way when in the gym and possibly cause you some injuries. If you have long hair make sure it is not covering your face. Allow your forehead to breathe. Facially that’s where to may sweat the most.

  • The right playlist

Gym Playlist

If you go to the gym regularly, then it is a no brainer that music is a top priority. Even the gym you attend probably plays the music that is stimulating to their environment. You may hear a lot of base pumping music from genres such as; pop, dance, drum and bass and rap/hip hop. A lot of gyms also play music using radio stations and their playlists. Personally, I have my own taste of music which helps me train better as I feel the music. You can never go wrong creating your own playlists because it is one that suits your personal taste and what stimulates you in the gym. Also, chances are it will also save you wasting time going over and constantly changing the music. You can just create your playlist; it could also be two or more playlists for different types of exercises/training. Platforms, such as; Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and even YouTube Music give you that option to create your own playlists for free or at a small monthly fee to listen to your playlist offline.

  • The right headphones (Wireless)

Wireless JVC Front

With the right playlist, of course, you will also need the right headphones, that brings out a quality sound, and are comfortable to use as you train. Based on personal experience I advise avoiding wired headphones because I find they get in the way, even when tucked through a t-shirt. when you’re training and are in the zone. Imagine the wire getting caught on something and pulling the headphones out your ear. Not very convenient when the music is stimulating you as you run, walk and lift towards your fitness goal. I advise you to go wireless as it’s just convenient. You also do not have to spend a lot of money on wireless headphones. You can even pick up ones like these JVC headphones below from your local retail store for £20 and up. Most retailers sell good quality wireless headphones. On the affordable end, you can’t go wrong with brands such as JVC, Sennheiser or Sony. On the higher end of the price brands like Bose and Beats by Dre also have their functions and premium advantages.

  • A bottle of water or some sort of cool drink


Unless you want to pass out in the middle of a workout, feel free to go to the gym without a bottle of water or at least a refillable bottle. Water not only keeps you hydrated but also gives you a bit of energy when you feel fatigued or tired and even helps with cooling off from sweating. I would not advise having a cold beverage like Fanta or sprite or even certain energy drinks as they are packed with a lot of sugar and gas and at times can have you feeling bloated or gassy in your stomach region. Not going to end well when you’re trying to train.

  • The right shoes

Shoes are not just made for wearing but are also made for functionality and purpose for different things. So, what shoes can you wear to the gym? Truthfully it depends on the kind of training you do when you are in the gym; from intense weight and muscle training to cardio/weight loss training or even fitness classes. Different shoes will ensure you are comfortable in different scenarios I have listed. One shoe type I recommend that will work across all types of training are; running shoes or any type of air Nike Air Max trainers because they are comfortable, durable, breathable and have enough padding to ensure comfortability when you are on your feet. This will be appropriate in dance training, weight training, as well as cardio. Shoes like timberland boots or your converses are made for other functional purposes such as style/construction work and skating.

  • Tissues/wipes

This one might not be of many emergencies because a lot of gyms now provide this for free. This is on the list because it helps you maintain cleanliness as you exercise. Sweating profusely is cool until it is so much that some of it gets in your eyes and makes training tenser. You can use a tissue to wipe your sweat and wipes too if needed. What sweating also does is also transmits a bit of dirt and germs especially as the gym equipment is used by a lot of people. It is just courteous worthwhile to your own hygiene and skin if you wipe down any equipment before and after use.

That’s all I have for you all today. I hope it helps in your daily life and especially if you are a beginner and are just getting started in your fitness journey, these tips should ensure you’re well prepared. You can expect more blogs every Monday GMT British time, so be sure to subscribe to be updated or you can follow on social media platforms including; Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn where you can also get updates.

Thanks for reading and remember to always stay phenomenal!

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