Things You Will Spend Money On That You Should Never Regret

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As you grow and age gracefully, it will get to a point in life where you start earning your own money which to some, will bring a sense of freedom and independence to spend on whatever you desire within your means. It can be daunting when you spend on things and later regret it, which tends to happen, and I’ve had my fair share of that experience. What if I told you there are certain things; you will spend on that you will and should never regret? Yes! I mean never especially in the long term. Drawing from my knowledge and personal experiences, I am going to share a few things that you will never regret spending your money on in your late teens/adult years;

Outings and Fun Sights

Unless you’re a homebody then you may not spend as much on going out and the occasional or frequent nights out with your friends. If you’re the opposite, this is something you’ll tend to do a lot in your late teens and adult years, all in the name of trying to “live your best life”. These outings give you an experience and it is quality time you get to spend with your friends/family away from the house. The best thing about these outings is that usually anything can happen, and you tend to get the best laughs and memories that you won’t forget from the spontaneity. A night out does not always have to be a bar, or anything partying or drinking-related, it could be a nice dinner, an event, concert, bowling, the list is endless. You can’t put a price on a good time with the right group of people.



Travelling is something that I desire to embark on doing more often and even as a lifestyle. Travelling can be costly depending on where in the world you are travelling to. The beautiful thing about travelling is the excitement that comes with it; from when you’re saving up the money, to when you finally book the flights/hotels, then you’re counting down the days as you prepare. It’s a natural buzz that just gets more intense the closer you get to your travel date. Travelling brings experiences that you don’t get frequently when you are home or in your usual environment. Travelling allows you to see and experience different ways of living, other cultures, food, festivals, music and activities for the limited time you’re there. You’ll never regret spending on travelling because the experience and knowledge gained will be the return on the investment.

Family Occasions

Family occasions are a wonderful thing because the memory lives on forever. Those are the times that bring the family closer together and makes you value what you have in your family. It’s the smallest and simpler things in life that matter. So, in your late teens/adult years you may spend money on; family weddings, engagements, reunions, parties, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation etc. These occasions are the ones you spend on with love. You don’t usually think about it as it is for family. You’ll do a lot for a relative or loved one when you can and the beautiful thing is, when it is your time, they’ll do the same for you. I don’t have a lot of close cousins or family outside of my immediate family that live in England, they’re all over the world. So, when moments call for a reason to gather, which over the last few years has been for weddings and celebration, it is just exciting to see the family again as we rarely get to see or talk to each other frequently. The most beautiful part of this is when the love and energy remain the same or gets better every time. Family occasions are a wonderful thing you must be grateful for, and when you can afford to spend on them, even more, the reason to be thankful and count your blessings.

Adventures With Friends

This one is like the nights out with friends. Adventures with friends although it may hurt your pocket thinking about it, you will never regret it once it is done. Whilst you are young, it is important to create memories now so that in your old years when you’re not as strong or able to do those things, you can reminisce, talk, smile and laugh about them. Why do you think your parents and/or grandparents love pulling you to the side to tell you about the good ole’ days? Learn from them and go and have some fun in your life. Book that weekend away, go to that theme park, thrill seek, do something you don’t usually get to do every day. When done with friends, it is nice to have someone to share those memories with.

Basic Needs and Necessities

These range from; your frequent haircuts, personal hygiene and grooming products, clothes, food, and many other things such as; phones/phone bill, rent, all depending on your lifestyle. As we get older and grow into adulthood, it may come to the realisation that not all our needs can or should all be taken care of by mum and dad. Once you’re old enough and in a steady job, it should come as no surprise to you when your mum stops paying for things you need or want to do. As you’re earning money now, you’ll have to learn to take care of your own needs and necessities and as you grow older those needs might increase further down the line. As annoying as it could be, it’s something you’ll never regret because you need it to have a certain quality as well as a point of standard and image in life.

Gym Membership/Classes (Also Other Hobbies or Interests)

Gym, fitness or sports is more than just improving your body and physique. In the grind of it, gym and regular exercise can serve other purposes for your mental health and even reward you emotionally, physically, sexually and even spiritually. Personally, when I was a frequent gym attendee, I saw it as an investment in myself. Every session was a step closer to me being better than I was the last time I was there. If you read my last blog post I talked about having a “why” when doing something as it’ll keep you going even when you’re not motivated. The same thing applies to the gym and other classes you might take. This could be fitness classes, art, or anything related to your interests. These things are investments into yourself and being better as a person. You will never regret this no matter the cost, so long as you can afford it and are patient with the process.

Minor Investments (Things That Could Make You Money or Invest In Your Crafts and Passions)

In your late teens/adults you might find yourself wanting more out of life; either financially or just as a human being. As you grow it is perfectly natural to want more, so you can feel and be better. Financially, you may invest in things that could make you money such as; cryptocurrency, starting a small business or forex/stock trading amongst many others such as selling on eBay or Amazon or drop shipping. These may start small based on a wage or salary, and the investment may grow the more you see a return. This may not be everybody, but I remember a lot of my friends doing this during my years in college (high school) and university, trying to put money into almost anything and everything for a quick financial gain. This is something you may regret in the short term when you’re not getting any immediate return, but in the long term you will learn from the experience and some could reward you. This experience could add to your knowledge and show you what not to or what to do next time. I learnt a lot from investing in a passion that didn’t reward me financially in amounts that I hoped, and I thank God for it daily and don’t regret a thing. Neither will you.

I hope this has given you an insight into what you are likely to go through as an adult when it comes to spending. Although the likes of your parents or other people may think that how you spend is silly, remember they are not you. There are things we spend money on that may not make sense to someone else. If it makes sense to you, and you can account for and see the value in it, you won’t and should never regret it.

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Stay Phenomenal.

2 thoughts on “Things You Will Spend Money On That You Should Never Regret

  1. Well said and well don son. Keep it up. Always follow your dreams and in everything seek the direction of God. Believe in yourself and also believe you are unique.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Aunty Jo, and I most definitely will. Amen and bless you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement


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