Stop Letting Society Deceive You – 7 Things Society Lied To You About!!!!


Sometimes in life, we are told what to do by the powers that be whether it is government, a whole nation, or even our teachers and parents, sometimes even our friends. Society has its own rules about how to live. In my opinion, I have grown to realise that the rules of society are somewhat deceptive and aren’t always true. Society is mixed up with many different aspects such as; community, cultures, people, as well as media and entertainment. A lot of these aspects involve key people or figures who pioneer a culture or way of life, that feed you a story as though it is gospel to how life should be lived. A lot of them are lying to us. Society makes a big deal about a lot of things but never tell the truth as you deserve to know. As you continue to read this, I am going to share 7 things that society lied to you about;

1) Success Is Black and White

Have you ever come across motivational speakers on YouTube and podcasts and realised, that a lot of the information you’re being told is almost recycled and the same picture is painted? You have? I’m not surprised. No disrespect to motivational speakers on a wider scope, but generally, I believe as a society we are being lied to when it comes to the notion of success. Success is usually painted like it’s a black and white thing. Like there is some big ‘secret’ or ‘major keys’ to success. There isn’t. There are things you can do to help improve your lifestyle predicated on what you want for yourself, matched with your morals and integrity. But success is not black and white. Success is very subjective because everybody views success differently and wants different things in life. Some want to be millionaires, whilst others want a happy family and peace of mind. Some want a fortune 500 business, and some may want a corner store they can run from the bottom of their home. All these things are great. I have grown to realise that the most successful people are those that are happy and not just those that are rich. That’s mainly because I desire to be happy more than I desire to be rich. Those that live life how they want instead of how the world would like them to live, are usually the most successful.

2) Your Failures Will Stop You From Progressing In Life


We have all failed a million times but what was important was the aftermath of those failures. Fall of a horse get back on it again and keep riding through the pain. Failures do not mean no progress can come from it. Bad grades in school do not mean you will end up bottom of the barrel, and amount to nothing. Criminal today does not mean forever jobless or a statistic. Despite failures, you can always turn things around. What my adult years have taught me is that things always work out in the end. Failures happen for a reason, and it can be a pivoting point to grow and overcome more failures and bring forth more wins.

3) Not Everybody Needs School To Become Successful

Just because school is not for you or you are challenged academically, it is not an excuse to be an idiot or lack basic knowledge whilst being given the opportunity. Not everyone in the world can go to school and whilst some of us can and struggle through it, unfortunately, it doesn’t always guarantee our success. Remember success in the world’s eyes including your parents are; being a doctor, having a big house and having more money than you know what to do with. But success to you may not involve a top 10 or Ivy League university, it might not involve becoming a lawyer, doctor or scientist. Success for you could be drawing and playing sports. Whilst I acknowledge we all have gifts which are different from the norms of the world, I also believe in all pursuits to success one must be educated. Education can come in many ways, and in this modern age, the likes of social media, apps and websites such as skillshare , allows us to be educated in many different areas of interests and potential life or career paths.

4) All White Conservatives Are Racist, and All Young Black Men Are Thugs

They are not! With this point, I can end it at just that. Feel free to dispute respectfully in the comments below so we can learn from one another. We all know the truth to what counteracts this societal deceit. Just open your eyes and tap out of your ignorance.

5) You Have To Impress Everybody, You Don’t Matter!

How many times have you done certain things or acted a certain way to impress someone else? Probably over 100 times. Whilst it is nice when people are impressed by you or give you some sort of admiration, it is even better when you are also impressed. Why? Because that is where it starts. It is very painful to work hard at something in the pursuit of trying to impress another where it is costing you your peace of mind, happiness and on some levels your integrity and character. So, before you step into an environment or decide you want to pursue something that will make your father “finally respect you”, be sure that you are happy doing that, and you respect yourself first. It is worth nothing when you are not happy with doing something to impress another being. Some people can never have peace of mind until someone commends their work or efforts. It makes me sad because a person’s happiness is dependent on how others value them. Do not let those lesser views on your latest YouTube video cripple the purpose of why you started in the first place and stop letting that rejection from that job application make you think you’re not good enough. Make sure you look after your interests first because you matter most.

6) 40years Is So Old, If You Haven’t Achieved By Then, It Is Too Late

At 40years old society will tell you you’re meant to be married, in a big house with 3-5 kids, a car in the driveway and earning a decent £50k+ salary per year. While that is all amazing not everyone is in that boat due to many different reasons. Life is a jigsaw puzzle that everyone is trying to make their pieces fit to complete a picture. 40 years is not old. It’s the new 25. I say this because I have personally met 40-year-old individuals who look, feel, act and live as though there are 25. 40year olds are starting over with their lives and careers like many 25year olds are. 40year olds are starting or trying to start families like some 25year olds are. There is no difference besides the number and standards and expectations of society. Another thing is the notion of “running out of time” or it “being too late”. It is never too late. Think of the genius behind KFC, Colonel Sanders who began his pursuit at the age of 65.

7) Life Is So Hard and Because Of That, You Are Meant To Be Miserable For The Rest Of Your Life. There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!

Society paints a picture of how hard life is; from world leaders to your mum feeding your brain about life being hard and the constant stage and lifestyle of struggle and tiredness. Society paints a picture that you are bound to a system. A system that feeds you information and provides many frameworks that you must follow. What if you created the life you want within reason, to a means you can afford and just accepted responsibility? I’m sure life would be less hard. You will have challenges, but at least then, if anything happens, it is you that makes it happen. It is you that thinks for yourself, live and move according to your thoughts and ideas. Take responsibility for your life. Life is hard because you’re unhappy? Create something to be happy about and make your life easier. Life is easy, that’s my mantra and the PF way of living.

I hope reading this has opened your mind to think deeper about the things the world feeds you, and the kind of information you take in. Not all information is good information, but it is a beautiful thing to grow and learn from the thing’s society is controlled by. It is also good to learn how you can take control of your circumstances for the sake of your happiness. Bear in mind that these points are my opinions based on my thoughts, ideas and personal experiences. I’d love to know some of yours. If you like this style of content, comment below or tweet me @LivingPF. I’d love to engage with you all so that we can all learn from one another.

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Stay Phenomenal


4 thoughts on “Stop Letting Society Deceive You – 7 Things Society Lied To You About!!!!

  1. Excellent post Darren. No way is success 1 size fits all. We each have a different version of fun, freedom and happiness.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ryan. You’re definitely right on that one we all want different things and have a different view on life and success.


  2. Love reading your posts! So good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You Viti!! Means a lot that you gain value from reading my posts. Appreciate the support


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