How To Know When It Is Time To Stop And Move On


Have you ever been at a point where you feel to stop doing something? Whether it is to stop pursuing that girl/guy, or even to quit that team or to stop that business? It is a tough place to be and sometimes there are times where certain things just come to an end, it’s run its course and it is time to move on. Moving on from something or someone is tough. The discernment of knowing when to do so is very possible to achieve, even though it can be quite tricky. I believe it takes a lot of patience as well as self-awareness, combined with the relaxation of the mind to know when it is time to stop and move on. I have come up with 6 different ways to help you to know when it is time to stop and move onto the next thing in your life;

1) You Can’t Find Any Reason To Pursue It Anymore

Sometimes that is all it takes. The ‘why’ is what most may know it as. Why are you doing this? Why are you up late in commitment to this new business venture? Why are you still going to the gym every day after work? Why are you still making videos even though no more than 20 people watch? There must always be a reason within yourself. When you don’t have an answer to your why then, unfortunately, it could mean it is time to move on. From my own experience; I used to customise sneakers. As stated in the previous blogpost it was something which started as an experiment based on my love for fashion and art. I tried to turn into a brand/business till it got to a point where I couldn’t find a reason to keep up with it, I couldn’t find a reason to be up late nights painting sneakers. I hit a point where the desire and excitement in the process were just not there anymore. I could no longer find my reason to carry on, so I hung up my paintbrush and never looked back.


2) It Brings More Stress Than It Does Joy, Even When Things Are Difficult

Whatever it is you are pursuing; be it a lifelong dream, a new business, a new relationship, project, venture etc as much as the goal is to enjoy it and remain happy and passionate, there will come some tough and testing times. However, in your pursuit/s no matter how difficult it is rewinding to my first point, your why is what will keep you going and boost that inner joy in times of trials. If the pursuit brings more stress and negative emotions than it does positive all the time, to a point that it costs you your peace of mind, it may be time to reconsider and maybe move on.

3) The Passion Has Died

Sometimes the passion we once had just died, it is no more exciting. To stay up and finish that project to present to potential business clients no longer becomes exciting. Seeing that person again does not even get you excited or give you butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes the flame no more ignites and that is okay. One way to notice when your passion has died is to compare your works from where you began to where you are now. if the quality has not improved or there has been a downward spiral in standard and quality of what you’re doing, then you’re probably no longer passionate about what you’re doing. Don’t mistake feeling burnt out and losing passion as the same, they’re two different things. When you’re burnt out you need a break, loss of passion is when you no longer wanting to do or even not giving it your best or at least trying to elevate.

4) You Are Not Getting Any Energy Back From It

The energy I’m talking about is more internal, its fulfilment. Does what you do fulfil you? If you’re running a business are you fulfilled with making a difference in the customer? Are you fulfilled with the time you put in and the rewards you will receive no matter how long it takes? If it is a relationship, a group of friends or an environment, do they give back to you as much as you do them? It may not happen right away, but I believe that in all that we do so long as it is done with the right energy it will come back to you in good time, but it could also be the opposite. The harsh reality of life is that some things just are not meant to be.

5) You Are Not Happy

If you are having more down days than happy days, then you’re probably not happy in your pursuit. You’re probably more disappointed than you are appreciative and grateful for the journey. Happiness is priceless. You may not be laughing and smiling 24/7, but in your heart and mind, you can still be happy. Note that happiness will also help you find peace in the hard times of the grind. If you’re no longer happy with what you’re doing, then stop and move onto something that brings you happiness because you deserve to be happy.

6) Your Mind Is Set On Other Things

When your mind is more drawn to and excited about other things besides your initial goal or vision, this could mean it is time to move on. One example could be starting a business and solely focusing on making so much money instead of nurturing it to grow into a steady foundation. In such situations, you may consider moving on as your mind has lost focus on the vision and the initial reason. Sometimes our minds move on before we do physically.

I hope all those tips helped. Of course, there are many more and based on the kind of response this one gets a part 2 may follow. If you are feeling like you no longer want to do something it is okay. Life is very long, so you always have time to try other things and even come back to it if you want to try again. Moving on is sometimes a good thing and could lead you to bigger and better things.

Please share this with anyone who you feel needs to read this and can benefit from it. Comment your thoughts on this post below.

Stay Phenomenal.


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