How To Make Broke Look Good – Top Tips To Style More Whilst Spending Less

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Before you make any assumptions about how this can be done, understand that you can style phenomenally on a budget. We’ve all had and may still be in situations where we want to be stylish and look good but low on money. You may not have enough money for a 2, 3 or 4 figure shopping spree; however, you can still enjoy shopping, whilst you save and look phenomenally flavoursome.

First, you need to have a mental budget for different types of clothing you would like to purchase. Keep this true and real. This should be based on your style combined with your income and your disposable income. This is the income you have left after your expenses are paid. It doesn’t matter the amount you’re left with you can always make something work.

Next, pick a few places that you like to shop concerning that budget. If you’re not the type that has specific places to shop like me, then you’re in luck and likely to save more money, because you have a vast amount of options and places that would match that budget. The more variety you have in stores to shop at, the easier it is to get what you like and can afford.

Please, please and please, DO NOT shop in bulk and buy a lot at once. This is mainly because it is expensive to do it the first time as well as keeping it up consistently. The goal is to style on a budget, so stick to yours in truth. Another reason is that as individuals we tend to get bored with trends easily and always want the next hot thing. Most would like to dress in something that is being endorsed by a model or well-known public figure, completely forgetting that what is in trend changes with the seasons. Keeping up with trends unless you can afford to, is pointless when it comes to dressing phenomenally on a budget.

Which brings me to my next point which is……versatility. Buy clothes that are versatile for countless outfits that make you look stylish. Get items of clothing that allow you to look different wearing it in multiple ways. The fantastic thing about this is that you can continue to wear the same clothing with different outfits, and nobody will even notice it’s the same piece of clothing being rotated. People are likely to admire your style; trust me it works. I’m saying this personal from experience.

Have you ever been invited to a party and you know you want to look good and dress well for it? Maybe get an accessory or even a clothing item or outfit? But can’t afford it right now?? A simple solution is to rent your clothing. This is somewhat unorthodox and might sound heinous to say but your favourite ‘influencer’ on Instagram does this, guaranteed. Everybody is out there trying to look like a million when they don’t have it, and you can do the same. Rent your clothing. How? Buy the item desired (preferably online) and once received, check the condition of the item and wear your item to the party or for whatever occasion, take all the pictures you like, enjoy the moment. Then when you are done, and you hopefully have not ruined the clothing or got it too dirty, you can package it as neatly and as best as you can and return it for your money back! Understand that this will only work for certain types of clothing. Do not do this with t-shirts, vests or anything in direct contact with private or areas of your body that give off odour easily! Don’t ruin the clothing with your germs and try sending it back, that’s not the PF way.

Use discount codes. Don’t have any? Network and create relationships with those that work in your favourite retail stores. They could be your ticket to saving money and flavoursome styling! Staff get a discount and have the advantage of saving money off items in the store. They could use that discount for your benefit. However, the best way to do this is to establish a genuine relationship. If it is just for that advantage lead with that, do not befriend someone just in the hopes of saving money by using their discount that’s not gentlemanly or ladylike. Also when the person realises you only like them for discounts they may stop offering you that advantage.

Lastly, shop out of season. Buy winter-based style pieces in the summer and vice versa. This works because for example; when shops are preparing for their summer line, they aim to clear all winter inventory and quickly before their summer wear arrives and is moving on the shelves. To enforce this, they tend to offer discounts of up to 20, 40, 50 or 75% off clothing brands even some high-end brands too. That’s your chance to save money so that when the next season of winter comes you look good, dressed appropriately and in a lot of situations, quite expensive.

I hope this will help you to style on a budget, and shows you that you don’t have to be earning crazy amounts of money to look like a celebrity. You can do it on a minimum wage any even look better than some of them. I dare you to try it for yourself.

Thanks for reading

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Remember to keep all things phenomenal but your style flavoursome


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