6 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself


Life is meant to be enjoyed; you’re meant to be happy. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel good from within, but with that, you’re also meant to put good energy out into the world so that you can attract good things. This is easier said than done. A lot of the time we may not always feel good about ourselves for various reasons most of which, are caused by insecurities from within as well as things going on in our environment. I am at a point in my life where I feel good in myself. It wasn’t overnight because a few years ago I wasn’t as happy as I am now. I was not as self-confident and self-aware and in control of looking after myself. I always felt low and felt down from within though I never always showed it. Today if you’re reading this, I hope these next few points I’m about to give you impact your life in any shape way or form. The following are all practical things that I did that worked for me, and till this day I still live by these examples. So let’s get into these 6 ways that you can feel better about yourself;

1 –  Make a list of all the good things about yourself and embrace them more than the negatives


Focus on all the good things within yourself. Make an internal list of all the positives within yourself and when making this list, be real with yourself as possible. Do not sugar-coat it. Be as detailed as possible. For example, if your intuition is telling you “I am talented” really believe in your claim and say what exactly you’re talented in. This will help you boost your self-awareness and internal confidence in your strength. The positives can be about anything that has something to do with you. It could be with the way you relate with people, the way you look, your best physical attributes etc. Now that you have made that list, you must learn to embrace those good things and work with them in your life. If your list says you are talented, work on the talent. If you’re blessed to be universally attractive take more photos of yourself and embrace your looks to empower yourself further. Don’t get fancy with all of this be as thorough and fluent as possible. When I did this, I realised I was not necessarily the best in school, but I could guarantee I was way more creatively inclined than certain others, and that was something I took pride in a few years ago and it helped me to feel better about myself.

2 – Embrace your weaknesses

I know this is weird but before you scroll past this, read on and understand how this helps you because I promise it works. The same thing you did with your strengths do that with your weaknesses. The power of being aware of your weaknesses and owning them, is that no one on earth can make you feel bad or insecure about them. In some cases, you can also turn your weaknesses into your future strengths. For example, if you have certain physical imperfections, you’re unhappy with such as; your body weight. You can fix this by going to the gym and getting your body intact. My weakness is that I am not the greatest academic which is why in college (high school if you’re American etc), I took the vocational route which worked essentially for me. Another ‘weakness’ I was unhappy with was my teeth, having a perfect smile, in my opinion, is probably the best accessory. I will talk about my journey regarding that in a future blog post. Your weaknesses are there for a reason. Another thing to bear in mind is that you might not be able to control every weakness and that is okay……own it! That will eventually lead to a point where it will almost become funny and usually makes for a good conversation. People always hate those that brag on themselves, so imagine downplaying yourself but in confidence?? Try it and tweet me @LivingPF and let me know how that works for you.

3 – Have goals, create a life, get busy

It’s that simple. If you want to feel better about yourself you need things going on around you to feel good about. If you’re not feeling good about yourself, that may come from a toxic feeling of unfulfillment. It may be time to start thinking about your goals and getting busy with your life, it can be with anything and in anyway you desire. Forget about what the world is doing. I’m talking about YOU feeling better for YOUrself so please be selfish with this one. Create the life you want. Be realistic with yourself as well. Be aware of your environment and what you can and cannot do at this moment in time. Once you have that, set some goals for yourself to accomplish and work towards meeting them. Whilst doing that, it keeps you busy and by God’s grace when you accomplish those goals, you’ll feel better and during the process, you will gain fulfilment from seeing small progress. More importantly, you staying busy and focusing on your goals, leaves you with little to no time to be in your feelings.

4 – Try new and different things

Another reason why you may not be feeling good about yourself is that your life has become so monotone to a point that you’re bored with it. Try and change your routine or style a little bit and you can do it with little things. For example, if you’re someone that likes going to the gym but find yourself getting bored, introduce new types of workouts to your fitness routine. That will make a difference in how you feel, and the challenge of doing that will give you something to look forward to. Trying new things, although scary usually has two effects. You either like it or you hate it. Regardless of that at least it is something different and you now know what works for you. That then adds to your internal confidence and self-awareness. Trying new and different things also puts you in different environments, which also forces you to go along with it and gain some fulfilment and potentially meet new people.

5 – Be A Giver

Feeling better about yourself is more than just receiving and gaining. You must also give to receive. Life has taught me that so in any opportunity where possible you must give. Help other people, it does not always have to be your friends it could be a stranger. Giving is through actions. It does not always have to be financial. One example is giving to the homeless. You may walk by a homeless person in need; you could help him/her by either talking to them and showing genuine compassion, giving spare change followed by a small compliment, or giving them food or clothing if it’s cold. You could also see someone is feeling down and give out some words of wisdom and encouragement! It is unselfishly selfish, but it helps. So, give and be a blessing and you will receive a lot of good, which will then make you feel better about yourself.

6 – Relax

Relax……. Sometimes all you need to do is relax your mind. When you have a lot going on in your mind and your heart, it may lead to an overload of emotions and overthinking. This results in you feeling negative about yourself based on the overload. So, relax and indulge in doing some things that make you feel good. Read, pray, breathe, sleep or engage in a hobby. Relax your mind, forget about everything going on around you just for a while. It is okay to take a break and when you live in London like myself, you may realise that people are always in a rush and glued to a lifestyle that seems like life demands so much out of them. This is far from the truth. Take a break, relax and if you’re reading this, I hope this has made you more relaxed and if not, breathe and start again.

Thanks for reading

Feel free to comment on your views and opinions. If you have some more tips regarding feeling better about oneself, I would love to know in the comments or tweet @LivingPF.

Share this with a friend or loved one who will benefit from this. Stay Phenomenal.

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  1. Awesome!! Good job.


    1. Thank you, glad you liked it 🙂


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